Page 3 - Stump Brochure

Each year, one $5,000 scholarship and three $1,000 scholarships are awarded to first-
year students with a passion for entrepreneurship who demonstrate financial need.
These scholarships are renewable for three years.
Students applying for a Stump Scholarship submit the following to the dean of business
An essay describing their entrepreneurial characteristics and how two pursuits or
accomplishments demonstrate these skills
Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a previous employer
The program is for students whose work—both inside and outside the classroom—
demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit. Such successes could include initiating a business
plan or activity, developing a nonprofit or service-learning project, implementing a
program in the fine arts, or undertaking other creative endeavors. Along with applying
to be a Stump Scholar, students may apply for and receive additional scholarships.
If Ayn Rand’s words, ‘the ladder of success is best
climbed on the rungs of opportunity,’ ring true,
then this program is a ladder that leads to the
zenith of any career or ambition. All you have to
do is climb.”
A business major from Huntsville, Alabama,
Kyle plans to combine his interests in
entrepreneurship and law following BSC.