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Advising FAQ

Advising FAQ

Who is my advisor? 
You should have met your advisor at first-year orientation. If you’ve forgotten who that is, contact the Records Office.

Can I change advisors? 
Yes. You were assigned an advisor based on the academic interests you told us about when you enrolled. As your interests and needs change, you may wish to change – but we recommend that you keep your original advisor through your first year. Students often switch to an advisor in their major, although that’s not required. If your advisor is not in your major, you will want to consult a professor in that area to discuss specific major requirements and options

Where can I get more help with setting academic and career goals? 
Try the Office of Counseling and Health Services and the BSC Career Counseling Office. The assistance you get from these offices can inform your discussions with your advisor as you plan your academic program.

What are my responsibilities as an advisee?

  • Work cooperatively with your advisor and peer advisor.
  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the Explorations curriculum and the majors that interest you.
  • Schedule and attend appointments with your advisor at least once per term.
  • Maintain an evolving, tentative four-year academic plan.
  • Use TheSIS, the Catalog, and the other sources of information to determine requirements and available courses.
  • Prepare a tentative schedule with alternate courses before meeting with your advisor to discuss registration.
  • Make and accept responsibility for decisions.

What are the responsibilities of an advisor?

  • Being available for consultation and planning.
  • Helping you develop realistic educational and personal goals. 
  • Listening to you carefully and critically as you consider major academic decisions.
  • Keeping you informed about relevant resources and opportunities offered by the College.
  • Keeping your academic records and maintaining confidentiality. For more information about confidentiality at the College, see the FERPA information page.