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II.D.1. Office of the President


The President is elected without stated term by the Board of Trustees. He or she shall be the

chief executive officer of the corporation. Although faculty members normally take their

problems and suggestions to those holding administrative responsibilities under the President,

they should feel free to consult with and advise the President. All administrative staff and

faculty members are directly or indirectly responsible to the President. The President’s powers

and responsibilities are detailed in Section 4.7 of the

College Bylaws .

Senior Staff

Members of the Senior Staff are the President, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic

Affairs, Associate Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for

Administration and Community Initiatives, Senior Vice President for Finance and Chief

Financial Officer, Vice President for Planning & Effectiveness, Senior Vice President for

Institutional Advancement, Vice President for Admission and Financial Planning, Vice President

of Information Technology, Vice President for Student Development, and the Executive

Assistant to the President. .With the exception of the week that the President’s Council is

convened, Senior Staff meets weekly.

President’s Council

The President’s Council is composed of the Senior Staff, Director of Communications, Director

of Athletics, Associate Vice President for Finance and Comptroller, Director of Financial

Planning, Chaplain, the academic Area Chairs, the (co)chairs of the Faculty Advisory

Committee, and (co) chairs of the Staff Advisory Council. The President’s Council meets

monthly. The members of the President’s Council are appointed by the President.

Executive Assistant to the President

The Executive Assistant to the President coordinates and implements many of the activities

originating in the President's Office.

II.D.2. Office of Academic Affairs

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Provost of the College is the principal academic officer of the College. The Provost is


by the President after consultation with the Faculty. The decision of the President is


The Provost represents the administration in working with the Faculty to establish and

maintain acceptable standards for student academic performance, revise the curriculum, and

oversee the total academic life of the College. The Provost represents the Faculty in the

preparation of the annual operating budget as a member of the Budget Committee and in other

areas of College policy-making in which the Faculty is not otherwise directly represented. The

Provost has been designated by the President to preside at faculty meetings, in accord with the

President’s powers listed in Section 4.7 of the College Bylaws.