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II.B.2. Educational Opportunities

Apart from its own offerings, the College strives to enrich students' education by allowing

approved studies to be taken at specified neighboring institutions, particularly where such studies

complement campus offerings in major and allied fields. Through the Birmingham Area

Consortium for Higher Education (BACHE), students may take approved courses at the

University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of Montevallo, Miles College, and

Samford University. Students, Faculty, and Staff have access to libraries of the BACHE

institutions, as well.

The College encourages undergraduate research and scholarship through contract-learning

opportunities and fosters faculty/student collaboration in research, scholarship, and teaching

through the Charles B. Vail College Fellows Program. A student may receive academic credit or

a tuition scholarship if selected as a Vail Fellow. For more information, see

Appendix F .


College provides a number of opportunities for students to present their scholarly research and

creative productions, including the campus-wide Honoring Scholarship Conference on Honors

Day and various Senior Capstone experiences throughout the academic year, as well as through

the campus publications



The Southern Academic Review

, and


. Students may also

pursue presentation opportunities in broader settings such as the National Conference of

Undergraduate Research, the ACS Women’s Studies Conference, the ACS Environmental

Studies Conference, the Latin American Studies Symposium, Southern Regional Honors Council

Conference, and other regional or national conferences or publications that accept undergraduate



II.C.1. Bylaws of Birmingham-Southern College


Bylaws of Birmingham-Southern College ,

which aid in the governance of the College, were

adopted in 1973, amended in October, 1974, and updated in May, 1998, in October, 1999, in

October, 2003, and in May, 2008.

II.C.2. Board of Trustees

Ultimate authority at the College is vested in the Board of Trustees, whose membership and

functions are detailed in Articles II-V, VIII, and X of the

College Bylaws .


Administrative Structure

Serving under the President are several officers, one for each major area of administration. The

functions of the principal administrative officers are summarized below.