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Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

The BSC provost is the college’s chief academic officer with broad responsibilities for the full range of the college’s academic program and support services. The provost and the Office of Academic Affairs oversee faculty and academic departments, the curriculum, academic records, the college library, advising, and BSC’s special programs, including those in leadership, honors, international study, and service-learning.


    Here’s who you’ll find in the Office of Academic Affairs:

    Dr. Bradley Caskey, Provost (; 226-4650)
    Dr. Bradley Caskey came to BSC as provost in 2017 after more than three decades of service at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Most recently, he was dean of the College of Arts and Sciences there, overseeing 16 academic departments and interdisciplinary programs that include 2,200 students and more than 200 faculty and staff. Under his leadership, the school developed new programs and majors, remodeled its microbiology laboratory and theatre, established innovative international partnerships with Korean universities, and built a new program for non-native English speakers, among other things. He had previously served as associate and interim dean and chair of the psychology department.

    Caskey graduated from UW-River Falls in 1980 with a double major in psychology and secondary education and a minor in sociology. He earned an MS and a Ph.D. in developmental psychology at Purdue University. He is co-principal investigator for an $898,000 National Science Foundation grant designed to increase the number of graduates in science, technology, and mathematics.

    Dr. Timothy B. Smith, Associate Provost (; 226-4660)
    Dr. Smith has been a member of the BSC faculty since 2006, teaching courses on ancient, medieval, and early modern European art and architecture. His research and publications have focused on fifteenth and sixteenth-century visual environments created for sacred relics in the Italian city of Siena. Dr. Smith has been the recipient of a number of honors from the College, including the Henry C. Randall Award for Outstanding Advisor to a Student Organization in 2008 and the Bob Whetstone Faculty Development Award in 2010. He was named BSC's Outstanding Educator of the Year in 2016.

    As associate provost, Dr. Smith assists the provost with the administration of the academic program, with special focus on curriculum and faculty development. In addition, he continues to teach courses in art history and advises students. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of South Carolina, and his doctorate, with distinction, from Florida State University.

    Martha Ann Stevenson, Assistant Provost (; 226-4648)
    Ms. Stevenson has been on the staff at Birmingham-Southern since 1986. As Assistant Provost, she helps coordinate the college’s retention efforts, meets with and counsels students having academic difficulty, and works closely with the Student Development Office and the Care Team helping students at risk. She serves as a resource for parents and acts as a liaison between faculty and families. She assists with the preparation of the college’s academic calendar and with the annual revision of the catalog. Ms. Stevenson also coordinates the Seedling Grant Program and the Charles B. Vail College Fellows Program. She received her bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and her master’s from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

    Rhonda Constance, Administrative Assistant to the Provost (; 226-4651) 
    Ms. Constance has been on staff at Birmingham-Southern since 1998. As administrative assistant, she is responsible for maintaining multiple worksheets containing faculty information, issuing letters of faculty employment, and annual contracts. She works on the collection of data needed for the preparation of the annual college budget, tracks expenses for various budgets, and provides varied support to the provost, associate provosts, and assistant provost.

    A.J. Brigati, Grants Administrator (; 226-4985)
    A. J. Brigati has been on the staff at Birmingham-Southern since 2016. He administers the Office of Sponsored Programs which serves BSC faculty, staff, and partner organizations to seek, secure, and steward additional financial resources to support BSC’s mission and strategic plan. He received his bachelor’s degree from St. Thomas University, his master’s degree from the University of Montevallo and additional graduate certificates from the S. C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, Liberty University Alton W. and Lois H. Overton Graduate School of Business, and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

    Charlotte McLendon, Academic Affairs Assistant (; 226-4650)
    Ms. McLendon has been on staff at Birmingham-Southern since April 2017. As the academic affairs assistant, she manages the daily operations of the Provost’s Office. Ms. McLendon is responsible for coordinating academic events and academic portions of other campus events. She also serves as the administrator for the Institutional Review Board. Ms. McLendon received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


    Student Achievement

    Birmingham-Southern College is committed to student success and evaluates student achievement consist with the institution's mission. The mission of the College states that the institution "prepares men and women for lives of significance" and "fosters intellectual and personal development." Substantial evidence of the College's effectiveness in guiding individuals to meaningful achievement and preparing them for their life beyond graduation is demonstrated through (1) consistent enrollment across academic years, evidenced through retention rates, and (2) completion of enrollment, evidenced through graduation rates.

    The College's first-year retention rates, defined as first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students returning for study in the following fall term, are displayed in Table 1. A first-year retention rate of 85% is the established benchmark.

    Table 1: First-Year Retention Rates by Cohort

    Fall Cohort First-Year Retention Rate
    2004 83%
    2005 74%
    2006 80%
    2007 74%
    2008 81%
    2009 82%
    2010 79%
    2011 81%
    2012 80%
    2013 84%
    2014 86%
    2015 82%
    2016 75%

    The College's 6-year graduation rates are displayed in Table 2. A 6-year graduation rate of 77% is the established benchmark.

    Table 2: 6-Year Graduation Rates by Cohort

    Fall Cohort 6-Year Graduation Rate
    1999 69%
    2000 69%
    2001 71%
    2002 66%
    2003 72%
    2004 63%
    2005 63%
    2006 66%
    2007 62%
    2008 64%
    2009 64%
    2010 68%
    2011 64%
    2012 (Available in Fall 2018)
    2013 (Available in Fall 2019)
    2014 (Available in Fall 2020)