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The BSC Family is comprised of talented individuals like Morgan with unique stories, stories that tell how Birmingham-Southern College has and continues to make an impact on their lives. These and many other alumni, parents and friends show their gratitude for 'Southern by giving their best gifts to the Annual Fund every year. This year, the BSC Family is challenged with a goal of $2,000,000 and an alumni giving percentage of 40%, With your help, "We Can Do It!" Please give your best gift to BSC this year at www.bsc.edu/egiving.


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How has Birmingham-Southern helped you succeed? Maybe you've landed your dream job or achieved a personal goal big or small. How will you say "thank you" to Birmingham-Southern? Share your story and read those of your fellow BSC alumni below. For more information, contact Bobby Watson in the Office of Institutional Advancement at (205) 226-4908 or bjwatson@bsc.edu.

Chris Wenning Lambert '86

When I told my parents that I planned to major in English, they feared I would never find a job. I didn't want to be a teacher or a lawyer or a professor. I didn't know what I wanted to be but I knew I wanted to be an English major. Today I have a job that I couldn't have imagined, but I have it because of what BSC taught. Here I learned to think, to form opinions, to make decisions, to lead, and to be confident. I give to BSC today because I want others like me to go out and find their own success, whatever it looks like. See Mom and Dad -- I did it!

Simone Schicker '11

As a young Jewish woman I received a lot of questions when I announced that I was going to BSC for college. "Alabama?" people said with uncertainty in their voices. "Yes," I said - and I am so glad that I did. My four years at BSC were four of the most life changing and life affirming years and I know that I would not be the person I am today without the guidance of all of the faculty and staff at BSC. Whether it was Service Learning, the Chaplain's office, the Honors Program, International Programs, Allies or Residence Life, every department helped shape me into the leader I am today. I am currently in my first year of rabbinical school, living in Jerusalem, and proud to say that BSC receives my support every year.

Susan Fant '09

My BSC experience showed me how to blend my passions of creative writing and business together. BSC also taught me how to start traveling internationally (Italy Interim!) Now I have a multi-faceted career with multiple assignments and continuous travel. My goal is to travel to all 7 continents in the next 10 years (3 down so far!) and to keep enjoying life as an entrepreneur and university instructor. Thanks to BSC and all my BSC friends now turned alumni, I know I have a strong support system to help me achieve these goals! Supporting the next generation at Birmingham-Southern will help ensure the continued success of all who call the Hilltop, home.

Craig Langford '00

I was a decent student - not great - without a career goal, so I tried a bunch of extracurricular stuff when I was in school. Through service learning, I discovered that I really love the nonprofit and social mission field - which set me on my career path. I owe a lot to BSC and that fine liberal arts tradition of trying different things. And I have friends for life because of BSC, and that's as good as it gets. Because of these things - and because I loved my four years at BSC - and because I believe the school should be rewarded for overcoming a tough few years (and emerging even stronger) - because I want my niece and nephew to choose BSC when they grow up.....because of all of the above, I am a proud supporter of Birmingham-Southern.

Rebecca Beers '04

I knew I wanted to be a lawyer at a young age (nerdy I know), and BSC truly helped me "do" that. From my tough research and writing classes on the Hilltop that prepared me for law school, to the relationships I forged with BSC professors who wrote me personal and meaningful law school recommendations, to the jobs in Birmingham that my BSC professors helped me land through their own connections, to my first "real" job as a law clerk to a federal judge who was also a BSC alum, my extended BSC family has truly been there every step of the way along my professional path. I am so thankful and happy to help give back to a community that gave so much to me, and through my gifts to the Annual Fund, I am thrilled to be able to help a new generation of BSC Panthers achieve their own professional dreams (no matter how nerdy). I did it!

Erica Crump Sellers '05

One of the most exciting days of my life was in 2001 when I came home to balloons and homemade "Congratulations!" signs on the day I received my financial aid package from BSC and knew my dream of being a student there was coming true. I graduated from a college that changed me in so many wonderful ways, and I'm forever grateful for the education I received. I would have never been able to achieve my goal of joining the BSC Family without the support of those who came before me. I did it!! I graduated from 'Southern and now I give to the Annual Fund. I know how important my gift is in helping others get the outstanding education that I did and I am grateful for all of those who join me!

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