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BSC 2023

BSC 2023

Strategic Planning Timeline

The first step of the strategic planning process was to hone BSC's mission statement, which was completed with extensive faculty and community input. You can find it here.

Working outward from the mission statement, the Strategic Planning Committee outlined five areas of focus, some of them overlapping in nature:

  • BSC's educational experience,
  • the campus community and environment,
  • BSC's connections with the world beyond campus,
  • how the college is perceived locally, nationally, and globally,
  • and the college's infrastructure and financial health.

From there, five task forces addressing each of those issues convened; each included faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other stakeholders. The work of the task forces resulted in an outline of goals and objectives related to each of these key areas, viewable in draft form here.

In addition, the Strategic Planning Committee leadership has drafted a Preamble describing the aspirational purpose of the planning process, available here.