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Southern Environmental Center
September 18, 2013
Fall Newsletter
The Southern Environmental Center
at Birmingham-Southern College
SEC: Twenty Years
In summer 1993, the Southern Environmental Center (SEC) opened its
first Interactive Museum in the basement of the Birmingham-Southern
College main library. The early Center featured some of the elements of
what would become today’s Interactive Museum, including a mock sewage
tunnel, the “Wall of Waste,” and a model of nearby Village Creek depicting
the very real glow emanating from the toxic-waste-filled creek at night at
the time.
In 1997, SEC Director Roald Hazelhoff conceived the idea of repurposing
the old campus athletic pool, which had been replaced by a larger, newer
model, as the new home for the SEC. The $1 million campaign was
completed in 1998, and resulted in the construction of an incredibly
distinctive three-story structure, fabricated from forty-plus crushed cars
and other recycled materials. Today, approximately 20,000 visitors per
year come to visit the Center, the Interactive Museum, and the campus
The Southern Environmental Center is a place like no other, and the work
we do here continues to expand and adapt according to the needs of our
campus, city, and region. We have witnessed an incredible growth in
enthusiasm for the lessons we teach at the SEC. Sustainability and the
three R’s— reduce, reuse, recycle—are timely principals that are heartily
embraced by the thousands of school children we see every year. Over the
next year we look forward to celebrating our first twenty years by
introducing a new phase for expansion of the SEC’s programs, and
exploring ways in which we can work with you, our community of
supporters, to fulfill the promise of our first years.
nversation about what we mean to our community
Save the Date! EcoFest 15 is around the corner.
Exciting auction items will include—
A dinner for four at each of Frank and Pardis
Stitt’s restaurants – Highlands Bar and Grill,
Chez Fonfon, Bottega , and Bottega Cafe -
including wine and a special gift package for
each dinner.
A Morocco EcoTour package, including four
nights at Terres D’Amanar Lodge near
UK luxury soccer package with the match of
choice in Aston Villa’s Chairman’s Box, and a
two-night stay at the historic New Hall Hotel, a
medieval manor turned 4-star resort.
Alys Beach House stay for 3 nights with a 5-
course dinner for 4 at Caliza Restaurant.
NYC, including airline tickets for two and a
four-night stay in an exclusive midtown
You too can take the toilet slide
to the deep end of the pool!
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