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Arlington-West End EcoScape
Brown Spring EcoScape
College Hills EcoScape
Hugh Kaul EcoScape
North Birmingham Ecoscape
Princeton BMC Healing Garden
Princeton BMC Sound Garden
Riley-Travellick EcoScape
Samuelson EcoScape
Seven Springs EcoScape
Sims EcoScape
Tarrant EcoScape

Map of all the EcoScapes

Established in 1996 on BSC's campus, this program has expanded to the surrounding communities and utilizes local art work to illustrate organic gardening practices, provides a nuts and bolts overview for schools and communities interested in creating low cost nature centers or outdoor learning sites and offers an oasis of natural beauty in our communities.

BSC Ecoscape

Visitors can stroll through a Northern Wildflower Garden, touch and sample edible plants and flowers, and pass by huge Praying Mantis and Whooping Crane sculptures on the way to the EcoScape's Wetland and Tree Trails (see photo above).

The EcoScape also provides a unique focus on water issues, ranging from Xeriscaping to Nonpoint Source pollution. Technically complex issues are presented in layman terms, and in a way that challenges visitors to contribute to change at the workplace or at home.

After receiving local and regional accolades, SEC's community EcoScape program has now been recognized nationally as well. In addition to Woodlawn EcoScape receiving the 2004 Urban Garden Award from Keep Birmingham Beautiful, Arlington-West End EcoScape was voted one of the best small scale community revitalization projects of 2005 by Neighborhoods USA, a national non profit organization. With its recycled brick pathways, Southern Shield ferns, Fairy Rose beds, and Chris Fennel's 18ft flower sculpture, this pocket park has become a visible symbol of how vacant properties can be transformed into anchors for revitalization.

Adding to its symbolic status as a gateway to Arlington-West End, the park is also featured on the front cover of the new West End Merchants Association business directory. The book was produced by Main Street Birmingham ( for the BEACON program, which targets nine Birmingham commercial districts for economic revitalization.

EcoScape Locations:

  • Arlington - West End-Cotton Avenue and 9th Street SW

  • Brown Springs - 73rd Street and Oporto Avenue, approximately two blocks from Oporto Madrid

  • College Hills - 700 8th Avenue West, just off Arkadelphia Road behind the McCoy Center for Community Services

  • Hugh Kaul Ecoscape - BSC campus

  • North Birmingham EcoScape - 2619 30th Avenue North, Birmingham, adjacent to Wells Fargo

  • Princeton BMC Healing Garden - 10th Street SW and Tuscaloosa Avenue, across the street from Princeton Towers

  • Princeton BMC Sound Garden - entrance to professional buildings at Princeton BMC 6.

    Riley-Travellick - 3550 Park Avenue SW, Birmingham

  • Samuelson - 601 West Boulevard, Birmingham 35206

  • Seven Springs - 2000 Cleburn Avenue SW, adjacent to Faith Apostolic Church

  • Sims EcoScape - 908 Highland Road, Homewood

  • Tarrant – 1113 Ford Avenue, Tarrant