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College Hills EcoScape Directions

From I-59, take the Arkadelphia Road Exit:

If you are going south on I-20/59, after you take the Arkadelphia Road exit, turn left, cross over the Interstate, and go up the hill.

If you are going north on Interstate 20/59, after you take the Arkadelphia Road exit, turn right and go up the hill.

Pass the first traffic light and keep going straight. You will pass the entrance to Birmingham Southern College on the right. Go down the hill, with the Birmingham Southern College campus on the right. Move into the left lane.

As you approach the second traffic light at the bottom of the hill, you will see the McCoy Center for Community Services building on the left side of the road.

Turn left and into the paved back-alley road just prior to reaching the church building. Drive down the back-alley.

The EcoScape is located behind the church.

map to college hills