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The EcoScape Program: The Hugh Kaul EcoScape

Photos of the EcoScape
Birds of the EcoScape

Plants of the Alabama Meadow
Map of the EcoScape

Established in 1996 on BSC's campus, this wonderful outdoor classroom utilizes local art work to illustrate organic gardening practices, and provides a nuts and bolts overview for schools and communities interested in creating low cost nature centers or outdoor learning sites.

The EcoScape Program: The BSC EcoScape

Visitors can stroll through a Northern Wildflower Garden, touch and sample edible plants and flowers, and pass by huge Praying Mantis and Whooping Crane sculptures on the way to the EcoScape's Wetland and Tree Trails.

The EcoScape also provides a unique focus on water issues, ranging from Xeriscaping to Nonpoint Source pollution. Technically complex issues are presented in layman terms, and in a way that challenges visitors to contribute to change at the workplace or at home.

Click here for directions to the SEC or here for a map of the BSC Campus. The EcoScape is 53 on the map.