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The EcoScape Program: Brown Springs

73rd Street and Oporto Avenue

brownsprings_photoLocated at 73rd Street and Oporto Avenue, the Brown Springs EcoScape is constructed on a vacant lot owned by the City of Birmingham. The garden is designed for use as a passive recreational facility complete with flower beds, seating areas, and panoramic vistas. An effort has been made to restore the natural spring, which historically served this community. Future plans also call for the replanting of a small orchard on an adjacent lot for use by the community. See more of the EcoScape and its artwork here.

The location of this EcoScape directly complements the objectives outlined in Ruffner Mountain's master plan. 73rd Street provides historical access to the nature center, and the garden will serve as a local landmark for users of the trail system.

Phase One project sponsors include Brown Springs Neighborhood Assoc., Councillor Valerie Abbott, Wachovia Foundation, Tractor & Equipment Company, Wade Sand and Gravel, and Commissioner Shelia Smoot.


Design and installation by Arnie Rutkis. (stoneshovel.com)