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(38)Black-and-White Warbler

Many different species of wood warblers like the Black-and-white Warbler use the EcoScape woodlands. These small birds as well as many others migrate from South and Central America and back yearly. They are called neo-tropical migrants. There has been a noticeable decline in neo-tropical migrant for two basic reasons. One reason is that rainforest habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Another reason is that the forested woodlands are being cut and often destroyed in the U.S. This fragmentation of once contiguous woodlands has been detrimental on their nesting success.

Wood warblers are brightly colored active birds and usually smaller than sparrows. Their bills are needle-like in shape. It creeps along the trunks and branches of trees and it rather cryptic in habits. It has a stripped crown and white stripes on the back.