3) Red-tail Hawk

This is a slide of an immature Red-tail Hawk. When perched, you will see a large white breast. For several years in the 1960s and 1970s, we had a resident Red-tail Hawk stay with us at BSC. Apparently, it found a safe refuge and plenty of food to eat. Gray squirrels and chipmunks were numerous on our campus. The students here were very proud of having their own Red-tail Hawk. In fact, they ran feature stories about the bird the Hilltop News during those winters that it stayed with us. I remember the hawk would take up a perch outside of what is now Norton Student Center and sit there all day long not minding the students and hubbub that went on below. Their normal food items are rodents and small birds. These hawks are raptors and hunt for their food. All raptors have a strongly curved bill and sharp talons.