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Frequently Asked Questions


What information appears on a official transcript ?

  1. Full name, birth date, gender, the last four digits of the security number, and a 7-digit student ID number.
  2. Transfer credit from other post-secondary educational institutions attended.
  3. Notations about academic honors received from BSC.
  4. All courses for which the student was registered, in chronological order, from the date of matriculation through the most recently concluded term, showing the subject and number of each course, its title, grade and units (credits).
  5. Any degrees conferred by the College, major (minor – if earned), and month/year of the degree conferral.
  6. The signature of the Registrar and the date it was produced.
  7. A key to transcript entries is on the back of each page.

How do I compute my grade point average?

On the back of every transcript is a KEY that explains the value of each grade, so GPA's can be computed. Your "major" GPA can be computed by adding all quality points in courses that count toward your major, then divide the sum by the number of units.

Can I have a resume or other personal document enclosed with my transcript?

Not if we mail it from our office.  Exceptions are made for "forms" that must be included with transcripts, required by agencies like AMCAS and LSAC.  Credentials eScrip-SAFE allows YOU to upload up to 5 documents to be sent along with your transcript at no additional charge.

Can you bill my credit card for a transcript order?

Please do not fax or mail us personal credit card account numbers. If you wish to pay with a credit card, please use the Transcripts on Demand process.

If I order an official transcript will I be able to make photocopies of it?

BSC transcripts are printed on a paper stock with a secured background, a latent image that will cause a photocopy to display the words COPY or VOID, obscuring the printed transcript information. If an electronic transcript is sent directly to you, it will display ISSUED TO STUDENT as a watermark.

I am currently registered at BSC. How can I make sure this term's grades will appear on my transcript?

Grades are due in the records office the week after the end of the term. Those that were received by the deadline will appear on transcripts approximately 10 days after the term. You can request your transcript be processed after these deadlines have passed, but the Academic Records Office cannot assume responsibility that ALL grades will be turned in by then. Check your transcript on TheSIS prior to ordering.

I am waiting for a grade to be changed. Can I have my transcript order held until your office receives and processes the change?

No.  If the appearance of particular grades on your transcript is a requirement, you should not order a transcript until you have confirmed that the grade has been posted to your record.

I have inspected my transcript and something on it does not agree with what I believe should be there. Who do I contact?

Contact us at academicrecords@bsc.edu and we will direct you to the department of the information you believe to be incorrect.

I attended other schools before coming to BSC. Can you forward those transcripts to another school?

No. You must submit a request to the Records Office at each previous institution.