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How to Use Transcripts on Demand

  1. Go to www.iwantmytranscript.com/bsc and follow their instructions.
  2. If it’s your first time to order, go to “Don’t have an account?”  Pick BSC from the dropdown and click SIGN UP.
  3. Fill in all your information on the Recipient Info screen and click CONTINUE.
  4. Go the upper right hand corner of the screen and click CONSENT FORM
  5. Click DOWNLOAD FORM (then OPEN IT)
  6. Print this form, sign and date it, and fax it to 513-697-0012 or you may scan it, save the document to your computer, and use the “Scan and Upload” feature to send the signed consent form directly to Transcripts on Demand.  Please do not send this consent form to our office.  You will only need to sign and upload this form one time.  Once you have given your written consent, you will never have to repeat this step.

IMPORTANT:  If you are ordering multiple transcripts, and need only one of them sent by Express Mail (USPS) you must do a separate order for that particular transcript to avoid being charged the express fee twice.  If you want to send 2 transcripts to one institution via USPS Express Mail please do an order for one Express Mail and a separate order for regular postal mailing.  Make a note in the COMMENT section asking us to mail them in the same express envelope.

For technical problems with the Transcripts on Demand/Scrip-Safe ordering system, contact them directly at 877-334-4062 Monday-Friday 8:00am-8pm Eastern time.