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Living What You Learn:

Pilot Projects

Some examples of the QEP pilot projects in action or under development in the 2013-2014 academic year:

Collaborative Research

EH 102, "Seminar in Critical Thinking and Writing"
This section of the course requires students and their professor to work alongside each other, writing and presenting individual but related research projects. Doing so, they participate in community service-learning projects focused on creative expression, and they investigate internship possibilities.  At the end of the course, students produce written reflection on how their learning applies to their future plans.

"Summer Research in Mathematics"
Through the use of video and text chat and online cloud systems, mathematics students researching applications in the biological sciences will work alongside their peers and faculty at BSC and other institutions in the Associated Colleges of the South. An example of a recent project: BSC and Rhodes College students and faculty used novel modeling techniques to describe the fluctuations in island fox populations; the students involved presented their work at a national conference and are preparing their results for publication.


"Except for teaching, what's a history major good for?"
Students will serve as history interns in libraries, archives, museums, living history sites, and other facilities in the Birmingham area.  Participants will be placed according to talent, interest, and availability; all will have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they've learned as historians at BSC, and all will get the chance to explore career possibilities for those who want to engage with history outside of the classroom.

"Building an institutional repository for BSC"
Students will work to record, collect, and archive the research products of BSC students and faculty. Students will identify and help set up appropriate software; take responsibility for recording, editing, and indexing faculty presentations, Honors Day presentations, and other examples of creative activity; and select senior projects for inclusion.

Service Learning

EH 228, "Ourselves and Others"
This seminar for first-year students uses short stories, plays, and poetry to spur discussions about gender, race, and class. To better understand these issues as powerful forces that shape people's lives, students will go from the classroom into the local community to interact with their neighbors in after-school tutoring programs, through mentoring high school students, and by visiting a local women's shelter.

BA 351, "Marketing for the Arts and Nonprofits"
A new course offered by the Department of Business for both majors and non-majors focusing on the practical application of marketing the arts. A key aspect of the course will be a semester-long project on civic engagement that will require student groups to produce a strategic marketing plan or other marketing project for a nonprofit organization.

LS 300, "Leadership Studies Practicum"
Students are partnering with Rev. Angie Wright and members of Beloved Community Church to survey select residents of Birmingham's Avondale neighborhood about recent development in the neighborhood; the class will present findings at a December celebration at the church. Students confront issues of urban revitalization, gentrification, and economic development through interaction with members of the Avondale community. Students will complete individual and group projects.