they walk on campus to the day they graduate and beyond. Consistent with our
philosophy of liberal education, our student-athletes are encouraged to participate
in the full education and social opportunities present at ‘Southern. These include
studies and service around the world as well as arts and culture programs on
campus, all providing breadth to each student’s college experience.
Clearly, Birmingham-Southern is an ideal place for student-athletes who wish to
challenge themselves in the playing arena and the classroom setting as they prepare
themselves for futures of accomplishment and distinction.
Athletic Director Statement on Intercollegiate Athletics
The Birmingham-Southern athletic program has a rich history of success both
academically and athletically since the college moved to Arkadelphia Road in 1919.
Our reclassification to NCAA Division III will be complete beginning in the 2011-
academic year, and until then our challenge is continuing to compete and
represent Birmingham-Southern with pride and dignity.
We have always encouraged our student-athletes in three areas of their college
lives: (1) make your academic goals and pursuits your number one priority during
your BSC career, (2) develop your character through good sportsmanship,
teamwork, and leadership, and (3) be the most competitive, team-oriented athlete
you can be.
Our athletic coaches and staff are here to serve the student-athletes and help them
have the finest academic and athletic experience possible during their time on the
Role of Intercollegiate Athletics at BSC
BSC’s intercollegiate athletics program is an integral part of the institution’s total
educational endeavor. A well-rounded and efficiently managed athletics program is
an enriching aspect of the student’s life in college and enhances his or her
preparation for a full and rewarding life after college.
The athletics program will not be permitted to rival or detract from the College’s
primary mission. Intercollegiate athletics are complementary and supplementary to
the basic academic program of the institution. The athletics program must at all
times be in harmony with the official purpose of the College.
All students who participate in intercollegiate athletics at BSC are required to
comply fully with all College policies which apply to all students in admission,
curriculum, degree requirements, class attendance, personal conduct and other
All athletics contests, practices and related activities will be conducted in
compliance with the principles of fair play and amateur athletic competition, as
defined by the NCAA. All rules of the College, the Southern Collegiate Athletic
Conference and the NCAA will be strictly observed and enforced.