season. Any trips that exceed this must be cleared through the Athletic Director. All
trips that take teams out of the Southeastern region must be funded through
guarantees provided by the host institution or by the sport’s booster club.
Lightening Policy
As a matter of safety for everyone involved in outdoor sports, a plan must be in
place for the threat of lightning. This plan for Birmingham-Southern College Athletic
Events is as follows:
In the event of severe weather, a member of the Athletics Administration or the
Athletic Trainer for the sporting event in question will make all decisions relating to
postponement of and returning to activities. In the absence of the Athletics
Administration or the Athletic Trainer, the Head Coach will make the decision to
clear the field or return to play. Using a lightning meter and any available
information received from weather stations, this individual will follow the NCAA
and NATA recommended 30-30 rule.
When the flash to bang count is within 30 seconds, all individuals
must be cleared
into the safe structure. Loud or frequent thunder indicates that lightning is very
close. When lightning is observed, count the seconds until the thunder is heard, this
is “flash to bang.” Players, coaching staffs and officials may return to the field
after the last flash of lightning is observed or the last sound of thunder is
The safe structures for participants, coaching staffs, and officials are: Football/Men’s
and Women’s Lacrosse/Track and Field – locker room and downstairs hallways;
Soccer – restrooms and press box; Softball – locker room and press box; Tennis –
bathrooms and Softball locker room; Baseball – locker room and press box; Cross
Country – cars (not convertible and do not touch metal) or other structure on site
that is on solid foundation); Golf – Club house.
The BSC Athletic Department has a “no-tolerance” policy toward this practice.
Coaches and other associated staff members must be vigilant against these acts that
are supposed to represent unity and team bonding. Oftentimes, these activities end
in humiliation, injury, lawsuits, and sometimes death. If detected, all athletic staff
members have the responsibility to report any hazing occurrences immediately to
the Athletic Director. There is no place in BSC’s athletic program for this practice
and it will not be tolerated.
Missed Classes
All head coaches shall try to keep to a minimum the number of missed classes by
their student-athletes. The AD will review and approve each team’s competition
schedule. Team travel, practice schedules, and game times should be scheduled to
ensure the least amount of missed class time by the student-athletes. No
games/matches should be scheduled during final exams. The AD must approve any