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UMC Scholarships at BSC

NOTE: A student may qualify for more than one United Methodist Church scholarship.   Read the scholarship descriptions carefully. All scholarships have a service component requirement.

United Methodist Church Scholarship recognizes the relationship between the United Methodist Church and the College, and is awarded to United Methodist students who demonstrate financial need. Awards range from $1000 to $2500, and are limited.

United Methodist Church and College Partnership Scholarship recognizes students who have served church and community. Local United Methodist congregations may nominate students for this honor by pledging $500, $1000, or $1500 per year for up to four years. No parent or family contributions may be accepted by the Church or the College. If the student is selected as a Church and College Partnership Scholar, the College matches 2-to-1 the local church contribution. Because awards are limited, the College has the right to limit the match.

Ministerial Student Tuition Assistance recognizes students preparing for ministry. Students must present satisfactory evidence of intent to enter seminary and full-time ministry. Awards are $3500 to $5000.  Interviews are necessary to receive and renew this scholarship.

Ministerial Family Tuition Assistance recognizes and honors children of United Methodist clergy. Assistance is need based and ranges from $3500 to $5000, awarded annually with confirmation of full-time status and appointment in the United Methodist Church.

Christian Vocation Scholarships recognize students called to full-time vocation in Christian Education, Student Ministries, and other areas of ministry. Students must present satisfactory evidence of intent to work toward ordination or certification. Recipients receive support through the Programs for Ministry and rotate through internships in the local church. An interview day is held each spring.  For more information on this scholarship contact your pastor or Laura Sisson in Church Relations, 800-523-5793 ext. 4861 or

To be considered for a church-related scholarship, applicants must submit in one mailing:

  • nomination/application form signed by pastor with membership confirmation
  • résumé of church and community service
  • letter of recommendation from an adult leader (church or community)
  • letter of recommendation from pastor
  • commitment to fulfill service and leadership components
  • one page essay as specified on application.

In addition, applicants will submit to Admissions and Financial Planning:

Priority consideration is given to applications received by February 1st of each year. United Methodist Scholarships are awarded for one year and are renewable each spring. If you have questions, please call the Office of Church Relations, (205) 226-4861 or (800) 523-5793, ext. 4861.

Please note: Students may not receive The United Methodist Church Scholarship and The United Methodist Church and College Partnership Scholarship simultaneously. Applications to both are accepted, however. The scholarship with the highest award is given