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Financial Planning

Refund Policy


A student dropping all courses should refer to the policies for withdrawal from the College listed in the Academic Progress section and the Financial Aid section of this catalog. No adjustment of charges is made after the third week of a fall or spring term or after the first week of a summer term.

Refunds for withdrawals are made only upon the receipt of a completed official withdrawal form. Refunds are granted for any withdrawal during a fall or spring term, including withdrawals for medical reasons, according to the following schedule: for withdrawals completed by the end of week one, 80% of the student's charges are refunded; end of week two, 60%; end of week three, 40%; and 0% thereafter. A week is calculated from the first day of the term, as shown in the Academic Calendar. Students are given the option to purchase medical withdrawal insurance from Next Generation Insurance program.

In case of a call for active military duty, the student's charges are prorated through the week of withdrawal.

Credit Balance Refunds

Credit balances created by federal financial aid are automatically refunded to the student. All other credit balances are refunded upon request.