Academic Year Information 2013-2014 - page 11

Quality Enhancement Plan
Experiential Learning: Living what you Learn, Preparing Future Professionals through Internships,
Service-Learning, and Faculty-Student Research
Many members of the BSC faculty and staff have engaged our campus community in building a
distinctive QEP. A QEP Implementation Team of faculty, staff and community stakeholders has been
charged to collaborate with our campus community to move the QEP forward during the 2013-14
academic year. Three Learning Groups of faculty will be formed with the commitment to pilot various
aspects of the QEP.
Members of the Implementation Team: Kent Andersen, Noreen Gaubatz, Kristin Harper (Service-
Learning), Alan Litsey (QEP Director), Mary-Kate Lizotte (Faculty-Student Research), Sara Robicheaux
(Internships), David Schedler, Kristina Scott, and Sandra Sprayberry.
QEP Timeline
Summer 2013
Form Implementation Team
Summer 2013
Solicit faculty participants for Learning Groups
Fall 2013
Implementation of pilot
Spring/Summer 2014
Implementation of pilot
October 2014
QEP Report submitted to SACS-COC
QEP PowerPoint presentation can be viewed a
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