winter-spring 2013 / 57
LeslieWang-Yang Cheng ’05
Warren Tang, Oct. 27, 2012.
Katherine Elizabeth Lewey ’05
to Larry Michael Carr, Sept. 1,
John Bence Carter Jr. ’07
Megan Michelle Waldrop, June
23, 2012.
Dr. RichardWilliam “Trey” Gurich
Jr. ’08
to Dianna Marie Thomas,
June 9, 2012.
Carson Land ’09
Crawford Davis ’09
, July 28,
William Bealle Moore ‘09
Tiffany Escalante Dy ‘11
, July
7, 2012.
Anna Kristen Nichols ‘09
to Lt.
Kyle Gadoury, Jan. 26, 2013.
ChristieWenke ’09
to Claiborne
Janey, Aug. 18, 2012.
Jacob M. Coley ’11
Montalvo ’12
, June 2, 2012.
Emily PeytonWallace ’11
to Chad
Michael Colon, June 23, 2012.
A daughter, Damiana Charbay, Oct.
13, 2012, to
LeNell Smothers
Camacho Santa Ana ’91
husband, Demian.
A son, Matthew James, Feb.
8, 2013, to
Melissa Cottney
Dooley ’98
and husband, Adam
(big brothers, Jack and William).
A daughter, Caitlin Elizabeth, June
27, 2012, to
Jennifer Parker
Graul ’98
and husband, Charles
“Chuck” III. Jennifer is the
daughter of
Mike Parker ’68
Trudy Parker ’69
and the sister
Sarah Parker Scaffidi ’95
Jake Scaffidi ’96
A daughter, Elizabeth Louise,
Aug. 16, 2012, to
Mary Stowe
Mareno Rigrish ’98
husband, John II (big sister,
Mary Fran).
A son, Grant William, Dec. 15,
2011, to
Allison Graden Hawley
, and husband, Jimmy (big
brother, Logan).
A daughter, Madelyn, March
11, 2012, to
Lacy Johnston
McShane ’00
and husband,
Mike (big sister, Renee).
A son, Connor Joseph, March 22,
2012, to
Darren Griffin ’01
wife, Amy.
A son, James Duncan V, April 2,
2012, to
James Drysdale ’02
and wife,
Peyton Caruthers
Drysdale ’02
(big sister,
Charlotte Quinn).
A son, Robert “Holman,” Jan. 26,
2012, to
Meredith Randall
Underwood ’02
and husband,
Andrew (big brother, Jack).
A son, Lukas Anthony, Sept. 24,
2012, to
Michelle Morrisey
Bencomo ‘03
and husband,
A daughter, Nora Katharina, June
6, 2012, to
Dr. Hunter Matthew
Holzhauer ’03
and wife,
Cobb Holzhauer ’05
brother, Carr).
A daughter, Mairi Theresa, July 23,
2012, to
Terri Roberts Munro
and husband,
Paul Munro
(big brother and sister,
Callum and Eileigh).
A daughter, Savannah Grace,
March 15, 2012, to
Mitchell Jones ’04
husband, Paul.
A son, Robert Gabriel, Sept. 30,
2012, to
Michael Edward Dean
and wife,
Andrea Boohaker
Dean ’05
A daughter, Emmaline Jean, Dec.
29, 2012, to
Stacey Henry
Rushing ’05
Rushing ‘05
A son, William Patrick, Jan. 11,
2012, to
Rebecca MorrisWise
, and husband,
(big brother, Raughley).
A daughter, Lydia Marie, June 21,
2012, to
Stefanie Hall Lopez ’06
and husband, Josh.
A son, Robert Styles Jr., Oct.
1, 2012, to
Katherine Lester
Mooty ’07
and husband,
Styles Mooty ’08
A son, Riley Corin, July 6, 2012, to
Dr. Caitlin GordonWainscott
and husband, Cheney.
A daughter, Amelia Joy, March 15,
2012, to
Maggie ParkerWeems
and husband, Andrew.
Margaret Horner Dillon ’31
Birmingham on Aug. 9, 2012. She
started work with the Southern
Bell Telephone Co. and had a long
career with the Alabama Power
Co. After retiring from Alabama
Power, she worked and later retired
from Meadows-Smith Enterprises.
She was an active member of
civic, social, and professional
organizations and held presidencies
of the Salvation Army Auxiliary and
the Birmingham Junior Women’s
Chamber of Commerce.
Martha Key Caldwell Keller ’34
of Birmingham on Jan. 23, 2013.
Keller worked for many years at
Iron Art Inc., where she welcomed
and made many friends. Widely
traveled, she often recalled
specifics of tours in Europe, Asia,
and North America.
Emlyn Colmant Bode ’37
Richmond, Va., on July 26, 2012.
Bode was initially employed as a
librarian in the Birmingham Public
Library. She later moved with her
husband to Louisville, Ky., where
she continued her library work
with the Louisville Public Library.
She and the family then moved
to Richmond, Va., where they
resided for 59 years. Bode and her
husband were avid campers and
traveled extensively throughout
the U.S., Canada, South America,
and Europe. She served on
numerous civic, charitable, and
hospital boards, and, at the age of
80, began a career in writing that
culminated in the publication of a
collection of short stories, If You
Knew Emmy.
Eloise Echols Gray ‘39
of Opelika
on June 20, 2012. Gray joined the
faculty at Valley High in 1939, the
school’s first year, teaching algebra
and girl’s physical education.
Through the years, she was
director of Langdale kindergarten,
and later taught at Langdale (La
Fayette Lanier) School and at
Southern Union College. She
received her master’s degree in
education from Auburn University.
Gray was a member of the
Langdale United Methodist Church
for 72 years. She was active in the
community working with the Girl
Scouts, Red Cross, PTA, Literacy
Volunteers, Writer’s Guild, and
more. She authored two books
about her family: Nine at the Table
and We Had It All.
Armand Costanzo ’40
Birmingham on Aug. 12, 2012. He
began his career with the IRS as
a mail and supply clerk and retired
as chief of the Audit Division in
1974. Following retirement, he
was one of the founders and
coaches of the Vestavia Hills
Youth Soccer programs. He also
coached youth basketball teams
and worked with the Boy Scouts
of America in Jefferson County. In
1976, he served as president of the
BSC National Alumni Association.
Costanzo was a member of St.
Joseph’s Parish.
Irvil JonesThomas ’40
of Millbrae,
Calif., on Nov. 24, 2011. After
her marriage to
Gerald Andrew
Thomas ’32
in 1940, Irvil moved
to Niagara Falls, N.Y., where her
husband had a job as a research
chemist with Niagara Alkali. After
the war, they moved to Gainesville,
Fla., where Gerald taught at the
University of Florida and earned
his Ph.D. in chemistry. Wherever
they lived, Irvil was always active
in the United Methodist Church.
She worked tirelessly with United
Methodist Women, serving as vice
president and president in the ‘60s
and chairing several committees.
She was well known for her
inspirational programs. She is
survived by her husband and three
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