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such distinguished institutions as
the American Museum of Natural
History and the Academy of
Natural Sciences. He has provided
consultant design services for
the Peabody Museum of Natural
History at Yale University and the
NewYork City Parks and Recreation
Department, among others. He
also has designed and managed
exhibit projects that interpret the
fossils that depict life’s ancient
history, the art of John James
Audubon, and more.
Dr. Marilyn Brown
, professor
of art history at the University
of Colorado at Boulder, wrote an
invited essay for an exhibition
that opened in September at the
Grand Palais in Paris. “Vagabonds,
Ragpickers, Mountebanks, and
Other Marginals,” appeared
Bohemias: Leonardo da Vinci to
Picasso, ed. Sylvain Amic (Paris:
Réunion des Musées Nationaux,
Dr. Richard McKee
Hyche McKee ’76
of Cary, N.C.,
are proud to announce that their
son, Michael, is a drummer with
the band Delta Rae, which recently
released its first CD Carry the
Fire. Delta Rae released the
album at LA’s legendary Troubadour
nightclub. “They are signed with
Warner Brothers Records and are
playing to sell-out crowds all over
the country,” said Renee.
Terry Cooper
was one of four
people inducted into the latest
class of the Etowah County Sports
Hall of Fame. The induction
ceremony was held in July at the
Convention Hall in Gadsden. In
high school, Cooper helped lead
the Gadsden Rebels to the state
basketball championship. As a
senior on the BSC men’s basketball
team, he led the squad in scoring
and was chosen the Panthers’
MVP. His excellence during his
two-year career at BSC earned him
a spot in the Birmingham-Southern
Sports Hall of Fame. Cooper is
employed with the Mountain Brook
school system.
Denise Clegg Bennett
featured in the August 2012 issue
of the art and culture magazine
Belle. Bennett is a professional
storyteller and chaplain at the
Hermitage retirement community
in Richmond, Va. Read the article
Daniel K. Filer
and Paul Johnson
are the managing partners of
Next Step Executive Search in
Mountain Brook. Filer has headed
marketing strategies for 18 years
for various companies, including
headhunting firms. In an Aug. 5,
2012, Birmingham News article,
they shared their thoughts on the
labor markets in Birmingham.
named CEO of the McWane
Science Center in Birmingham in
November. She formerly worked
for the Birmingham Museum of
Art, where she was deputy director
and COO.
Deborah Ingram Miller
has been
named managing principal at
Tuscaloosa-based Ken Chapman &
Associates Inc., a human resources
and leadership development
firm. She is responsible for daily
operations. Miller worked for
more than 30 years for U.S. Pipe in
Terry Chapman
, owner of
Business Electronics Corp., is
now executive vice president of
the Mountain Brook Chamber of
Jay Simmons
will succeed John
Byrd as president of Simpson
College in Indianola, Iowa.
Simmons, 50, has been president
of Iowa Wesleyan College in Mount
Pleasant for the past four years.
The transition will officially occur
in May at the end of the current
academic year. Simmons, a native
of Muscle Shoals, was chosen after
a nationwide search.
This past December,
Joanie Stiff-
became the City of Mobile’s
special events coordinator. She
is responsible for the city’s New
Year’s Eve celebration, the Moon
Pie Drop; Market in the Square/
Park, which provides a venue to
sell locally cultivated and crafted
merchandise; and the annual
International Bayfest held each
August, just to name a few.
Graduating senior
—This term has taken on
a whole new meaning for
Connie “Constance” Boze
Butler ’59
of Downers Grove, Ill. Rather than sliding into
retirement, Butler decided to test the waters of higher
education. This past October, at age 75, she earned her
Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies from the Union Institute &
University in Cincinnati, Ohio. The title of her dissertation
was “What is the Experience of Integrating the Feldenkrais
Method into the Life and Practice of a Select Number of
Physical Therapists?” It was a qualitative study that included
interviewing dual-trained Feldenkrais practitioners/physical
therapists throughout the United States. Butler was trained
as a physical therapist and later as a Feldenkrais practitioner.
Her graduation was a special occasion that was viewed by
her husband of 48 years, Tom; son, Tom Jr., and his wife,
Kristin, who reside in London; and son, Matthew, and his
wife, Amy, and their two sons, Liam (age 5) and Alex (age 2),
who reside in Riverside, Ill. “Studying for my Ph.D. was my
longtime desire that was finally filled during my 75th year of
life,” Butler commented.
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