winter-spring 2013 / 39
repeatedly comes up as an example of what not to do. But
my time at BSC proved otherwise. I know Birmingham’s
past, but I also know how far our city has come. Whenever
I am asked where I am from, I proudly say Birmingham.
I am proud that my alma mater is taking an active
leadership role in remembering the city’s role in civil and
human rights, but it does not surprise me. Birmingham-
Southern fosters and provides profound opportunities for
engagement with social justice and equality. Even though I
am not able to participate in the 50th anniversary activities,
I will proudly wear my 50-year t-shirt and continue my
pursuit to be a voice for “Forward, Ever Birmingham!”
*McCune is in her first year at the Pacific School of Religion
at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, Calif.,
pursuing her masters in divinity and masters in art
and religion.
Brian Brandt
Sophomore pre-engineering major
Hometown: Atlanta
“One of the issues I feel hurts college kids is that, for the most part,
colleges are predominantly white. Of all of the college students
enrolled, both full and part time, in the United States, 64.4% are
white. Minority students in college make up small percentages:
about 13 percent black, 11 percent Hispanic, and 7 percent Asian.
I think that this leads to a lack of experience for most college
kids—they don’t get a fuller sense of the world around them.”
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