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’Southern magazine / Winter-Spring 2013 / Volume 39, Number 1 A Publication for Alumni and Friends
Memories of a movement
On the Cover
The front cover image for this edition of
comes from the 1964
Southern Accent
yearbook. It is
striking to see the well-dressed man walking by the Rebel Car Tags storefront and Confederate flag—
daily realities of the times. Meanwhile, thoughtful students were pursuing their education on campus
in classes not unlike the above, as indicated by the yearbook staff’s introductory commentary on the
Remember, long after you’ve forgotten your spring quarter point average or S.G.A. elections
or who you dated that spring, that ten blocks from you, America changed. ... the meeting
of hundred year old adversaries in Kelly Ingram’s park. Remember, too, how deeply you were
touched and untouched by it all.
Read more about reflections on BSC’s part in the American civil rights movement in our cover story,
beginning on page 16.
The 50th
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