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New faculty, tenure and promotions for 2012-13
Birmingham-Southern welcomed 12 new full-time and visiting faculty members to campus this fall and congratulated
professors who received promotion and tenure for the 2012-13 academic year.
Promoted to full professor
: Dr. Shane Pitts (psychology) and Dr. Lynne Trench (psychology)
Promoted to associate professor with tenure
: Dr. Tynes Cowan (English) and Dr. Heather Meggers-Wright (psychology)
Received tenure
: Dr. Louanne Jacobs (education)
New faculty, pictured in photo (front row, from left):
Maria Stadnik
, assistant professor of mathematics;
Amina El
, visiting 2012-13
Fulbright Fellow and Foreign Language Teaching Assistant in Arabic;
Carolyn Garrity
, assistant
professor of marketing;
Rick Lester
, assistant professor of management;
Jaime Cloud
, assistant professor of psychology;
Anita Huang
, assistant professor of Chinese. Back row, from left:
William Walsh
, lecturer of economics (one-year
Mary Harrison
, assistant professor of marketing;
William Holt
, assistant professor of urban environmental
Zachary Simmons
, assistant professor of psychology (one-year appointment); and
Guangjun Qu
, assistant
professor of economics. Not pictured:
Richard Rector
, assistant professor of psychology.
Want to learn more about what
BSC’s professors are up to?
Check out the second edition of the Faculty Scholarship guide, just
released this fall and available on campus. The guide updates the
first edition, which was published in 2004, and adds an incredible 80
pages of accomplishments, including books and articles, scientific
discoveries, creative endeavors, and award-winning performances.
As BSC Archivist Guy Hubbs writes in the forward, “The members
of our faculty see teaching and research as two ways of approaching
the same thing: learning.”
Photo by Brittany Arias of Love Be Photography
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