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Before we leave the past, take a moment to remember your
roommate or hallmate, who made dorm life bearable that first
semester at BSC…your lab partner, who helped you decipher
the mysteries of brassica rapa…the cashier in the cafeteria who
smiled at you on even the greyest day…the campus police officer
who helped you out when you most needed it…the retired general
who kept popping up at athletic events and fine arts performances,
because he cared …and that professor you were a bit scared of, but
somehow ended up learning an awful lot from. In all likelihood,
that intimidating professor learned something from you, too.
It’s all of us, working together in these social structures that we
create and recreate, that we have assembled and disassembled and
reassembled, that have made Birmingham-Southern College a
place of learning for the past four years…and the four years before
that…and the 148 years before that.
Dr. Charlotte Ford during her 2012 Commencement address