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summer 2012 / 21
Lydia Robinson, an
international studies major
and Harrison Honors Scholar
pictured here in the Andes
Mountains, spent January in
Chile for intensive Spanish
courses and a look into the
country’s politics and economy.
One of the Bakpa Avedo teachers
pulled Dr. Louanne Jacobs [BSC
associate professor of education] aside
Friday and began to speak to her in
a serious manner. ‘Madame. I am a
trained teacher—a trained teacher!’ She
began to worry what would come next.
However, the teacher continued, ‘I will
be a better teacher and a better man
when you leave. I have watched your
students and how they enjoy teaching.
I want to teach like that, too. ’”
Student blogging from E-Term
in Ghana
In the beginning of the month, I felt
like an American tourist taking an
extended vacation, processing Germany
through an American filter. But over
time, we began to live and think like
Germans (which I’ve heard from several
people is the best indicator of real
progress in learning another language,
so I’m completely okay with that). It
may be a little strange coming back
processing America through a German
Student blogging from E-Term
in Germany
At several points during this January
journey, I have found myself feeling
discouraged and dejected by the
daunting reality of all the complexities
of poverty. The energy I experienced
from the children at Urban Kids …
rejuvenated my spirit after an intensive
and exhausting three weeks. They
reminded me of why I chose this
Exploration Term: to build relationships
and get to know the surrounding
communities so that I could find out
what I could contribute to them, but
even more so, what I could learn from
Student blogging from E-term
service in Woodlawn
Reading, Writing, and Hiking the Land” was the focus of a course led by Dr. Larry
Brasher, Denson N. Franklin Professor of Religion. The students took a break from
the classroom and hiked to the natural bridge near Galant, Ala., while exploring
nature and spirituality.