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A Year in the Life
Meaningful Lectures
irmingham-Southern launched
its inaugural Leadership
Matters in the 21st Century:
Practicing Leaders on Leadership
Lecture Series this year, bringing
speakers who are world leaders in
their respective fields to campus;
other endowed lectures also landed
top names.
Andrew Card
who served as White
House chief of staff under George
W. Bush from 2001-06, kicked off
the lecture series in September. He
spoke on “Leadership on 9/11:
Leadership and Crisis.”
Elisa Massimino
president and
CEO of Human Rights First, lectured
in November on the importance of
American leadership on matters of
human rights. In a connected op-ed
published in
The Birmingham News
Gen. Krulak implored Birmingham
to embrace its own human rights
pivotal role in the global struggle
for human rights. “Birmingham
could be to human rights what
Philadelphia is to Revolutionary War
history,” he wrote.
Dr. Jack Rakove
Pulitzer Prize-
winning author and W.R. Coe
Professor of History and American
Studies at Stanford University,
presented the inaugural William
M. Acker Jr. Visiting Scholar Lecture
What Did the Constitution
Originally Mean?” in November.
The lecture is made possible by a
generous gift from Honorable U.S.
District Judge William M. Acker Jr.
Dr. Ben Carson
delivered an
inspirational 2012 Stirling
Lecture, sponsored by the Student
Government Association. Carson
is an award-winning pediatric
neurosurgeon, author, and
subject of the movie
Gifted Hands:
Former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card talks leadership with BSC students during his visit.