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Looking forward
There have been some really interesting conversations going on here on campus lately.
Much of the talk revolves around how we can use the latest technology to make Birmingham-Southern
better and involves faculty, staff, and administrators at the highest levels looking at how we can stay
ahead of our peers. That ranges from our newly-redesigned home page on the web to a brand-new
high-tech classroom (see more on page 20).
Some of the dialogue digs into what makes BSC special as we dive into the college’s new Quality
Enhancement Plan, or QEP, which focuses on engaged learning. Along with that comes a renewed focus
on experiential education and a promise that all Birmingham-Southern students will have opportunities
to apply what they learn in the classroom through internships, research, travel, and service.
In a third category comes the college’s ongoing strategic planning process, which is asking the question
“Who do we want to be?” As we map out where BSC should be a decade from now, know that alumni
input matters! You can follow along with the process or volunteer to take part at
But for me, perhaps the most exciting moment of conversation came when I watched about 20 BSC
professors gather over the summer to learn about the newest learning technology—and they ended up
spending hours joyfully sharing their best teaching tactics, even though they came from all different
What that told me is that the old adage is still true:
The more things change, the more things stay the
Even as we step forward into a brave new future for BSC, the things that matter most haven’t
altered: fine teachers who care deeply for their students; great young people living and learning together;
staff providing support and energy; and all of it happening right here on the Hilltop.
Come see for yourself! We’re in the full throes of plans for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend,
Nov. 1-2. Or stop by anytime to take a tour of some of the new and re-visit the old. Until we see you…
Forward, Ever!
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