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The new faculty members are:
Dr. Joseph Chandler ‘03
, Assistant Professor
of Psychology
Dr. Leon Couch
, Assistant Professor of Music
Tyler Dart
, Instructor of Physics
Dr.William Hustwit
, Assistant Professor of
Duncan’s first book explores Alabama’s biological diversity
A forthcoming book by BSC Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Scot Duncan has received
a grant from the Nature Conservancy to help defray publication costs.
The Nature Conservancy has donated $20,000 to the University of Alabama Press to
help support the printing of Duncan’s book, titled
Southern Wonder: Alabama’s Surprising
. The book is due for release in November.
The book takes readers on a journey through the ecosystems of the state that ranks fifth
in the nation for biodiversity. With insightful prose and 132 beautiful color illustrations,
Southern Wonder
ranges from the coastal dunes of the Gulf of Mexico to the Tennessee
River Valley; interweaves ecology, meteorology, evolution, and geology; and introduces
unique species found only in Alabama, including the beach mouse.
Duncan’s book has already been hailed by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and naturalist
Edward O. Wilson as “one of the most important books ever written about Alabama . . . a
call to Alabama’s people to treasure and protect the state’s living heritage.” It is the featured
book in the University of Alabama Press’ upcoming catalogue, and the Nature Conservancy’s
support shows that the book is important in the preservation of the state’s natural beauty.
Photo courtesy of Hunter
New faculty,
tenure and
for 2013-14
Birmingham-Southern faculty
recently awarded tenure and/or
promotion, along with new faculty
and staff, were recognized at the
college’s 2013 welcome event in
• Promoted to full professor:
Dr. Scott Dorman
Dr. Duane Pontius ’81
• Promoted to associate professor
with tenure:
Dr. Amy Cottrill
Dr. Mark Rupright
(physics), and
Dr. Kelly Russell
New faculty (left photo, l to r): Tyler Dart, Dr. Joseph Chandler ’03, Dr. Greta Valenti, Dr. Chunbei Wang,
and Dr. Will Hustwit. (Right photo, l to r): Dr. Leon Couch, Dr. George Klersey, and Dr. Peter Van Zandt.
Dr. George Klersey
, Associate Professor
of Accounting
Dr. GretaValenti
, Assistant Professor
of Psychology
Dr. Peter Van Zandt
, Assistant Professor
of Biology
Dr. ChunbeiWang
, Assistant Professor
of Economics
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