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January 2, 2013

BSC’s January Exploration Term is opportunity for innovation and experimentation

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.—Birmingham-Southern College kicked off its Exploration Term January 3, starting a one-month session that offers students concentrated time to study abroad, do research, complete an internship, or focus on a single project on campus.

Eterm Class
Students from the 2012 Field Ornithology E-Term course
at Dauphin Island on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

From Jan. 3-31, students can learn about ocean wildlife and water conservation in Gulf Shores, Ala.; explore major cities in Italy; or investigate the development of the salsa style of music in Florida. On-campus classes include the opportunities to learn about the intersection of mathematics and art, explore the anthropology of hip-hop, or delve into the cultural history of knitting and spinning wool. Other students tackle internships, independent research projects, or theatre and musical productions.

“E-Term gives our students possibilities that wouldn’t be available to them during the regular semester,” said Katy Leonard, director of exploration term and contract learning at BSC. “They receive academic credit for their experiences.”

More than 50 projects will be offered during the 2013 E-Term, including:

Service-Learning in Bylakuppe, India, a new study-travel course led by BSC Bunting Center Coordinator Jackie Walker and Assistant Professor of Religion Dr. Mark McClish that focuses on cultural immersion and service to the Tibetan community in exile.

Where Underpants Come From, taught by Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Guangjun Qu, is a campus course that will help students better understand the rising manufacturing power of China and its bilateral relationship with the U.S.

The Sundance Film Festival, a class taught by Assistant Professor of Media and Film Studies Dr. David Resha, focuses on the intimate relationship between independent cinema and film festivals and includes a trip to Park City, Utah.

Can You See Me Know? The Phone Camera as Art Device, taught by Professor of Art Pam Venz, will explore the artistic opportunities and challenges of camera phone, as well as the ethical and legal implications of such works in the age of Instagram and Facebook.

Great Symphonies, taught by Dr. David Smith, professor of music, introduces students to symphonic literature and the musical thinking of the four master composers: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms.

Field Ornithology, a course taught by Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Scot Duncan that allows students to spend time outdoors studying different species of birds and explore the forests, lakes, rivers, fields, and coast of Alabama.

Smoke Signals: BBQ as Portal for the Exploration of Southern Culinary Heritage, taught by Economics Lecturer Dr. William Walsh, will have students interview food experts, taste samples, and cook their own barbecue while documenting their experiences through text and videos.

Paint, Glaze, Ink: the Chemistry of Art Materials, taught by Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Scott Dorman, will lead students through a chemical analysis of color and materials and have them synthesize their own paints and pigments and experiment with glass and economics.

A complete listing of 2013 E-Term courses and projects can be found online.

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