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March 10, 2010

Birmingham-Southern student wins first place at UAB Scholars' Symposium

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. —Birmingham-Southern College senior Jordan Scott of Lillian won first place in the UAB Scholars' Symposium Undergraduate Research category.  The 5th annual competition was held recently at UAB with student participants from Birmingham-Southern, Samford University and UAB.  The program involves the presentation of ongoing and completed research conducted by students from the undergraduate to postdoctoral research level.  This year's competition was the second consecutive first-place finish for Scott.

Scott's research, titled “Runx2 Differentiality Directs Mesenchymal Cell Fate Decision to Adipocyte and Osteoblast Lineage,” involved reconstituting Runx2-deficient cell lines with a regulated Runx2 gene allowing him to characterize the role of Runx2 in directing adipocyte and osteoblast differentiation.  The overall goal of this research, which is projected for the distant future, will be to halt, prevent, and potentially reverse bone loss due to aging and disease such as diabetes.

Scott is the son of Jason and Kimberly Scott.


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