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Sept. 22, 2009

Composer Paul Lansky speaks to Birmingham-Southern music students

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.—Paul Lansky, composer and professor of music at Princeton University, was on the campus of Birmingham-Southern College recently to speak to BSC music students. Lansky, who is the first-ever composure-in-residence with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, will work with BSC faculty and students throughout his residence with ASO, as well as other community and educational programs across the state.

Lansky spoke to a group of about 20 BSC music students, most of whom are studying composition. The students were given an opportunity to ask questions about the art of composing and learn more about his work.

Well known for his compositions of computer music, Lansky has taught at Princeton since 1969. Besides music composition, he has also written considerable software for computer music which is now widely used.

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