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Jan. 5, 2006

Birmingham-Southern students engaged in January Interim term of learning, travel

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.—Birmingham-Southern College students are once again engaging in a month-long term of non-traditional learning. Students are spending January involved in service-learning, study and internships locally, nationally, and internationally as part of the college's Interim term.

Interim courses and projects this year include art, music and theatre, science and research and the study of topics such as religion, personal finance, the civil rights movement, mental illness and modern terrorism.

Service-learning courses include living and working with Urban Ministry in Birmingham's West End and the Black Belt region of Alabama; serving the homeless in San Francisco, Calif.; and serving with the Mozambican United Methodist Church in Mozambique.

Other travel courses include exploration and study of the ecology, wildlife and conservation of the Galapagos Islands; examination of the historical regions and cultural diversity of Australia; visiting major cultural and historical sites in Italy; retracing the steps of readings of Irish literature in Ireland; sailing along the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean aboard a two-masted schooner; visiting Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to explore Southeast Asian history, culture, politics and economy; and exploration and study in England, Wales and Ireland to focus on English Reformation and early Methodism in England.

Birmingham-Southern's Interim term is a period each January in which students develop their creative potential and independent study skills by exploring one topic of interest. This intensive program of learning offers students unique opportunities to further experiential enrichment through projects, independent study or research, foreign study, and challenging and unusual internships. Students gain academic credit for their experiences.

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