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Art History

ARH 215 Introduction to Art History: Ancient to Medieval (GP or IA)

ARH 216 Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to Present

(GP or IA)

Asian Studies

AN 150 Introduction to Chinese Culture (GP)


AS 105 Principles of Astronomy (QA)

Business Administration

BA 201 The Real”Bottom Line:” Foundations of Business Thought


BI 101 Explorations in Biology (SM)

BI 115 Organismal Biology (SM)

BI 125 Cell & Molecular Biology (SM)


CH120 requires a placement exam

CH 110 Chemistry Skills (1/2 unit)

CH 120 General Chemistry (SM)

CH 149 Chemical Principles (ES)


CL 225 – Roman Culture (ES)

Computer Science

CS 170 Introduction to Computing


DA 101 Basic Ballet (1/2 unit)

DA 102 Jazz Dance (1/4 unit)

DA 104 Tap Dance (1/4 unit)


EC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (CI)

EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics (IA)


ED 201 Introduction to Education


See the introduction above for more information on EH 102 and

EH 208. EH 208 requires an AP English Grammar score of 5 or

placement by faculty.

EH 102 Seminar in Critical Thinking and Writing

EH 208 Intermediate Writing

EH 165 American Inequality (ES)

Educational Psychology

EPY 223 The Developing Child in the 21st Century

EPY 260 Survey of Exceptional Children

Global and Comparative Studies

GCS 100 Introduction to Global and Comparative Studies (GP)


HI 151 History of the American People I (IA)

HI 181 East Asian Civilization I: Introduction to Chinese Civilization

HI 205 The Old South (IA)

HI 232 The Story of Freedom

HI 243 Titanic: Icon of an Age (ES)

HI 245 Russian Civilization

HI 287 Western Images of Asia (GP)


Open to Harrison Honors Program Scholars only.

HON 244 Buddhist and Christian Ethics

HON 250 History of Documentary Film

HON 286 The Vietnam War

HON 287 Western Images of Asia

HON 450 Religion and Politics in America

Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS 115 History and Film


MA 232 requires an AP Calculus AB score of 4 or above; MA310

requires an AP Calculus BC score of 4 or above

MA 124 Precalculus Mathematics

MA 150 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling (QA)

MA 207 General Statistics (QA)

MA 231 Calculus I (QA)

MA 232 Calculus II (QA)

MA 310 Calculus III

Media and Film Studies

MFS 100 Introduction to Media Studies

MFS 220 Film Production I (CE)


MU 151 requires consent

MU 112 Southern Chorale (1/4 unit)

MU 113 Chamber Orchestra (1/4 unit)

MU 121 Introduction to Music (GP)

MU 122 Music in Film

MU 126 Music of the World’s People (GP)

MU 149 Class Guitar

MU 150 Fundamentals of Music

MU 151 Theory and Musicianship I