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The Honor Council Constitution

Article 14 - Appeals in Class I Violation Cases

  1. A written appeal from a finding by the Council in a Class I violation case may be made by the offender to the President of The College within five class days of the decision or before the last day of the term, whichever comes first. The President of The College may review the case personally or appoint a committee to review the case.

  2. An appeal shall be limited to a review of the full report of the Council, including the hearing transcript, for the purpose of determining whether it acted in accordance with procedural and substantive fairness. An appeal on the basis of substantive fairness may not contest the factual findings of the Council but is limited on the basis of the fundamental fairness of the penalty or the application of the standards of the Honor Code.

  3. An appeal may not result in a more severe penalty for the accused by the President or committee appointed by the President but may result in a reduction or removal of penalties without rehearing by the Council.

  4. An appeal in which the finding of the Council is reversed may be remanded to the Council for rehearing with a written opinion the reviewing authority.

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