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The Honor Council Constitution

Article 12 - Advisor to the Accused

  1. The Advisor for the accused, in any case involving a Class I violation, shall serve as the accused student's advocate until the conclusion of all proceedings. The Advisor shall meet with the accused following his/her selection in order to inform the accused of his or her rights granted under this Constitution, and to explain the nature of the accusation, the procedure of the hearing, and the possible outcomes of the hearing. The Advisor shall attempt to help the accused and the Dean identify the relevant issues which should be investigated and considered and to identify appropriate material witnesses. The Advisor shall assist the accused in preparation for the hearing, and may interview witnesses for the hearing in order to clarify the accused's position.

  2. The Advisor shall assist the accused for the duration of the proceedings, and shall endeavor during the hearing to question the witnesses and partake in the discussion for the benefit of the accused. It is important to understand that the Advisor is not a defense attorney for the accused and has no formal legal training. The duty of the Advisor shall be to advise the accused during all phases of the hearing and to see that all relevant information is presented.

  3. The Advisor will assist in coordinating the arrival and departure of the accused to and from the hearing.

  4. The Advisor shall be advised of the outcome of the hearing.

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