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Article 11 - Confidentiality

An investigation, hearing, review, and reconsideration of any violation, whether Class I or Class II shall remain confidential and those within the bounds of confidentiality shall not divulge anything that is said or done with regard to these proceedings to anyone outside the bounds of confidentiality. Those within the bounds of confidentiality include Council members, the Advisor, the Dean, the Vice President for Student Development, the Provost of The College, the Dean of the Graduate Programs, the President of The College, accusers, the accused, witnesses, persons interviewed during the investigation, victims, and the attorney for The College. Should anyone outside the bounds of confidentiality receive information which is considered to be confidential, he/she will automatically be bound by confidentiality. In addition, the accused may include within the bounds of confidentiality his/her parents, faculty, staff, minister/spiritual advisor, personal or legal counsel. Should the accused or anyone designated by the accused to be considered within the bounds of confidentiality violate the requirement of confidentiality, the Council may vote to publicly post a summary of the case.

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