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Honor Council

The Honor Council Constitution

Article 1 - Membership

  1. The Honor Council (“Council”) shall be composed of three seniors, three juniors, three sophomores, and six at-large members without regard to class rank.

  2. The Council shall be elected by the Student Legislature, with recommendation by graduating senior Honor Council members, during the spring term following the annual report of the Council's activities. No member of the legislature shall be eligible for election to the Council.

  3. The Student Legislature shall fill vacancies in the Council when requested in writing by the President of the Council.

  4. A member of the Council shall be removed from the Council upon a finding that he/she violated the Honor Code. A member may also be removed for breaking the student conduct policies of the College.

  5. The Student Legislature shall select at least two alternate members of the Council without regard to class rank. The alternates shall participate in Council training and serve on the Council when requested by the President.

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