Page 76 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

Stop Sign Violation
$ 75.00
Reckless Driving
$ 100.00
$ 250.00
minimum, plus loss of
driving privileges
Motorcycle Helmet Violation
$ 20.00
Plus Cost of Damage and Repairs
Twenty Minutes Maximum Time Limit
Should a student receive more than 14 tickets in the
same academic year, subsequent tickets will double
in amount. If a student receives 20 or more tickets
in the same academic year, that student will lose
their driving privileges for an amount of time decid-
ed upon by the VP of Student Development. Fur-
ther, the student may be referred to the Social
Council for review. DUI violations will result in a
fine and loss of driving privileges for an unspecified
amount of time. Additional sanctions may be applied
as well.
Students may appeal a parking/traffic ticket by com-
pleting the online form available on at the BSC
Campus Police webpage:
tion/police/appeal.htm. The completed form will
automatically be filed for review by the Parking/Traf-
fic Appeals committee. Appeals must be filed within
ten class days from the date of the citation.
The Campus Police discourages passengers from rid-
ing in the beds of pick-up trucks. However, if neces-
sity dictates that individuals must ride in this man-
ner, all passengers must be seated flatly on the lower
surface of the bed. Riding on the sides of the truck
bed, or on the external area of any vehicle is strictly
Initial contact is made with the Office of Facili-
ties and Events (ext. 4904). The availability of
the facility will be checked and tentatively
reserved if available. A Campus Facility Reserva-
tion Form must be on record in order to confirm
a date on the calendar, even if the date has been
tentatively scheduled by telephone.
Any student group’s request for use of a
facility must be approved by the Office of
Student Development. This step must be
done before submitting the completed
form to the Office of Facilities and Events.
Fill the form out, have someone in Student
Development approve and sign the form,
keep the back (gold) copy for your records,
and send the remaining copies to the Facil-
ities and Events Office, Box 549069. (If
you do not have a form, they may be
obtained from the Facilities and Events
Office—Munger 11.)
This form must be
received by the Facilities and Events Office
at least 10 working days prior to the event
to allow time for all the necessary arrange-
ments to be made.
If special arrangements are required for any cam-
pus facilities, arrangements must be made with
the Office of Facilities and Events, and a com-
pleted form mailed to Box 549069. Example:
You reserve Hill Recital Hall through the music
office for a seminar and you need a lectern,
microphone, sound system and table with four
chairs for your seminar. The setup and equip-
ment must be coordinated through the Office of
Facilities and Events.
When the form is received and processed, within
the mandatory 10-day time frame, this will offi-
cially reserve the facility for your use. It will be
determined if there is any need for equipment
rental or additional security. It is possible that
charges may be required for security, equipment
rental or rental fees. If so, you will be notified of
the estimated charges.
On Thursday of each week, copies of the
processed forms for the following week are sent
to Campus Police, Operations, Audiovisual Ser-
vices, and Food Services.
When any facility is used, the Office of Facilities
and Events should be contacted (10 working
days prior to the event) so that the event will be
placed on the weekly campus calendar.
The Campus Calendar is on the BSC web page.
All food or refreshment arrangements must be
made by contacting Food Service (ext. 4713 or
Tablecloths, including table skirting, must
be ordered through Food Service. Ice Water,
Pitchers & glasses must be ordered through
Food Service (for speakers podiums, panels, etc.)
Arrangements for audio/visual equipment must
be reserved through the Office of Facilities and
Events. You will be responsible for operation of
the equipment.