Page 73 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

Any candidate displaying campaign materials
in the Atrium is disqualified from the election.
Any posters found placed on painted surfaces
or doors will be removed, and any candidate
placing posters in these areas will be subject
to a monetary penalty of no less than $5.00
from the Elections Board and will be respon-
sible for any damages done to the surface(s).
If the candidate fails to submit an itemized
emailed or typed budget by 6 p.m. on
Wednesday before the election, a monetary
penalty of $10.00 will be incurred. Should the
candidate fail to submit an itemized emailed
or typed budget by the time votes are being
counted a monetary penalty of $15.00 shall
be incurred. If all the budgets have not been
submitted by the time votes have been count-
ed, the Elections Board may choose not to
announce the election results until the matter
has been resolved.
If the candidate fails to participate in his/her
assigned cleanup of the Cafeteria, Post
Office, and Commuter Lounge, a monetary
penalty of $10.00 will be incurred.
If the candidate enters the Norton Atrium
more than once on Election Day during active
voting hours, that candidate shall be disquali-
fied immediately.
For all campaign materials displayed after the
deadline, a monetary penalty of $5.00 shall be
incurred by the candidate in question, per
material, per day. The same penalty applies to
materials exhibited too early.
Any penalties for other infractions of the elec-
tion rules will be determined at the discretion
of the Elections Board.
Any candidate with a monetary penalty total
above $25.00 will be disqualified entirely.
Upon disqualification, the candidate is
released from the financial obligation of the
All penalties will be charged to the candidate’s
student account, unless the candidate wishes
to withdraw before 10:00 a.m. (or whenever
voting is scheduled to begin) on Thursday, the
day of the election.
The Bylaws may be amended by a four-fifths vote
of the Elections Board.
Unless you drop the course, textbooks must be
returned by the next business day from date of pur-
chase. Receipt required.*
Textbooks may be returned within the second
week of classes with a receipt and proof that the
class, for which the books were purchased, has been
dropped. (Bring a current copy of your TheSIS class
schedule and student ID).
If the textbook was purchased new and has not
been damaged or written in, the Bookstore will
refund the full purchase price. If the textbook has
been damaged or written in, the Bookstore will
refund half the purchase price. It is up to the Book-
store personnel to determine the condition of
returned textbooks. Shrink-wrapped material must
be unopened to be considered new.
Course packets are only refundable by dropping
the class within the first two weeks of class and must
be in original shrink-wrap. You must also present a
copy of your TheSIS class schedule showing that you
have dropped the class in order to receive a refund
on a course packet.
Refunds will be given in the same manner as pur-
chased with the exception of a check.
If you have trouble with a textbook bought from
us (bad binding, missing pages, etc.), bring the book
back immediately and we will repair or replace it.
We will not exchange or refund it at the end of the
term. We will decrease the buyback price on a dam-
aged book to cover necessary repairs (or not buy it
at all).
Exploration term and summer term books may
be returned within 5 days from the first official day
of class if the course is dropped. Otherwise, books
must be returned by the next business day.
BOOK BUYBACK (How to Sell Your books to
the Bookstore)
By the front entrance of the bookstore.