Page 54 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

Title XII — Records
The privacy of all student records shall be
recognized insofar as files may only be maintained
by college staff who are employed for that purpose.
Administrative staff and faculty should
respect confidential information about students
which they acquire in the course of their work.
Access to their own records and files is
guaranteed every student subject to reasonable regu-
lation as to time, place, safety of record, and super-
vision. BSC complies with the provisions of the
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.
A student reserves the right to withhold
information concerning campus memberships, politi-
cal views, social views, or any other associations not
directly related to the educational process.
A student’s address, telephone number,
e-mail address and photo identification may be
released for general publication in an institutionally
recognized directory. Students reserve the right to
withhold directory information annually by notifying
the Dean of Records and Research in writing. Such a
request will remain in effect as long as that student is
enrolled or until further notification by the student.
Upon graduation or withdrawal from the
institution, the student is assured that his or her
records and files shall continue to be handled under
the provisions of the Code and that which is out-
lined in The College catalog.
Title XIII — Use of The College Name
No individual, group, or organization may
use The College name without the express autho-
rization of The College except to identify the institu-
tional affiliation. The use of such name does not
imply support or approval by The College, and Col-
lege approval or disapproval of any policy may not
be stated or implied by an individual group or orga-
nization except after obtaining written consent from
an administrative official of The College.
Title XIV — Amendments of the Code
An amendment to the Code of Rights and
Responsibilities shall originate in the Student Legis-
lature and must be approved by two-thirds of the
voting members.
Any proposed amendment to this docu-
ment shall be examined by the Honor Council and
the President of The College. Upon approval by
both, the amendment shall become effective.
The responsibility for the governance of Birming-
ham-Southern College is originally vested in a Board
of Trustees appointed by the North Alabama West-
Florida Conferences of the United Methodist
Church. Without relinquishing its major responsibili-
ty and ultimate rights of decision, the Board of
Trustees does, in fact, delegate its authority in the
daily life of The College to a President appointed by
the board. Without relinquishing this responsibility
and authority to safeguard the security and welfare
of The College, the President, in turn, delegates por-
tions of this authority appropriately to certain
administrative offices appointed by the President,
and through a Code of Student Rights and Respon-
sibilities, to a Student Body as it is selected for
admission and self-organized as a component of this
structure of delegations of authority.
To this structure of an academic democracy it is
recognized that all of the authorities of any one
component of The College derive from the Board of
Trustees. In order that the students of The College
may participate creatively and effectively and with
full protection in the complex academic structure,
we do ordain and establish this Constitution of the
Student Body of Birmingham-Southern College as
the official instrument of our specified authorities
and responsibilities.
Article I
The official organization of the Student Body of
Birmingham-Southern College shall be named the
Student Government Association.
Article II
The membership of the Student Government
Association shall consist of all regular students of
Birmingham-Southern College, as determined by the
Offices of Admission and Records.