Page 51 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

Laundry Rooms
The House Manager is encouraged to schedule a
take home or donate” deadline each semester, in
which residents are to remove any personal belong-
ings from the laundry room. House Managers are
encouraged to supply a large rubber maid container
to store excess clothing and other items that are left
in the laundry room. The area around each washing
machine and dryer should remain free of excessive
build up of lint and clothing in order to prevent fires.
Title I — Short Title
This shall be known as the “Student Code of
Rights and Responsibilities of Birmingham-Southern
Title II — Bill of Rights
The following enumeration of rights shall not
be construed to deny or disparage other rights not in
conflict with this Code of Rights and retained by
students in their capacity as members of The Col-
lege Community or as citizens of the State or of the
United States. This Code shall not be construed in
any manner which might run counter to a reasonable
construction of the Charter and Bylaws of The Col-
lege and the direction of the Board of Trustees, nor
of the constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty, nor of
the Constitution of the Student Body; nor shall it be
construed, interpreted, or applied in any manner
which would seem detrimental to the privileges, pur-
poses, aims, and goals of Birmingham-Southern Col-
lege as a private institution of higher learning.
Federal and state constitutional guarantees
of free inquiry, freedom of expression, free assembly,
and the right to privacy are specifically stated as
guarantees on this campus.
Students are free to pursue their educa-
tional goals and to have appropriate opportunities
for learning in the classroom and on the campus as
shall be provided by The College.
No disciplinary sanctions may be imposed
upon any student without notice to the respondent
of the nature and cause of the charges, and the
opportunity given to the student to be heard.
Title III — Definitions
When used in this Code of Rights,
The term “College” means Birmingham-
Southern College, and, collectively, those responsible
for its control and operation.
The term “student” includes all persons
who are properly enrolled in courses in The College
on a full-time or part-time basis in a regular or spe-
cial curriculum who have been properly admitted to
The College after a “bona fide” application and have
been admitted to The College by the Office of
Admissions as well as those who attend educational
institutions other than BSC, but whose courses take
place on the BSC campus, as well as those who are
not officially enrolled for a particular term, but who
have a continuing relationship with The College.
Furthermore, anyone living in College residence
halls will be considered a student in the areas of
Social Conduct and subject to the authority of the
Honor and Social Councils.
The term “instructor” means any person
employed by The College to conduct classroom
activities. In certain instances, a person may be both
student” and “instructor.” Determination of his or
her status in a given situation will be made based on
the surrounding facts.
The term “organization” means a number
of persons who have registered with The College as
set forth in Title VII of this Code.
The term “Student Press” means either an
organization whose primary purpose is to publish
and distribute any student oriented publication on
campus or a regular publication of a student organi-
The term “components of The College”
means the five elements of The College Community
trustees, administration, faculty, students, and
The term “shall” is used in the imperative
The term “may” is used in the permissive
All other terms have their natural meaning
unless the context requires otherwise.
Title IV — Access to Higher Education
Within the limits of its facilities, The College
shall be open to all applicants who are qualified
according to the admission requirements which may
be adopted and established from time to time.