Page 49 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

The College and its authorities shall have
the final authority as to what material may
be used in decorations, should questions
Alcohol and Parties
Beer kegs or large distribution containers
are not allowed on campus.
Alcohol is not allowed in the pool area.
Pool area” is defined as the area inside the
fence. This includes students who are 21
years of age and older.
Any alcoholic beverages being consumed
must be in containers that are opaque and
not identifiable as holding alcoholic bever-
Students may not engage in drunk or disor-
derly behavior that disrupts the community.
Solicitation is not permitted in the apartments
nor is it permissible for any student to oper-
ate a business from an apartment.
General Pool Rules
There is no lifeguard on duty at the pool. All
users swim at their own risk.
The Hilltop Village pool is for the private use
of Birmingham-Southern College students
and their guests. All non-BSC students must
be accompanied by a student. No more than
two guests, per student, are allowed in the
pool, or pool area, at any time.
Swimming is a dangerous and strenuous activ-
ity. Do not go into the pool if you are not a
good swimmer, or if you are under the care of
a health care provider. Serious injury or
death may result from your failure to these
BSC reserves the right to deny pool access to
any student, or other person, who violates any
of these rules.
All persons using the pool do so at their own
risk. Birmingham-Southern College, its
trustees, officers, faculty or staff members, or
other employees, are not responsible for any
personal injury, death, or property damage
suffered by any person using the pool.
Swimming alone is not permitted.
Diving is not permitted. Maximum pool
depth is 6 feet 5 inches.
Persons using the pool are responsible for
keeping the pool area neat and clean. All
trash should be removed and properly dis-
posed of before leaving the pool area.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the
pool area. All non-alcoholic beverages
brought to the pool area should be in cans, or
in paper or plastic containers. No glasses or
glass bottles are allowed.
No smoking in or around the pool area.
The safety floatation ring is to be left in its
place, except in case of an emergency.
Personal belongings, such as towels, noodles,
balls, chairs, etc., are not to be stored or left
in the pool area. Personal items left in the
pool area overnight may be disposed of the
next day.
Persons under the influence of alcohol or
drugs are not permitted in the pool area.
No running, jumping, horseplay, boisterous
activity or foul or obscene language.
Proper swimming attire must be worn at all
times. No jeans or cut-offs are allowed.
No pets or other animals (except those
required for the assistance of disabled per-
sons) are allowed in the pool area at any time.
Noise levels must be kept at a considerate
level at all times.
The pool gate should be securely latched each
time a person goes into the pool area.
Pool hours are from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00
p.m. No one is permitted in the pool or pool
area except during regular hours.
BSC reserves the right to amend or modify
these rules at any time.
Clubhouse Rules
The Hilltop Village Clubhouse is open from
a.m. until midnight.
The Clubhouse can be reserved for use by
recognized student organizations by contact-
ing the Coordinator of Residence Life at
Moving the furniture in the clubhouse is pro-
Students are responsible for removing all
trash items following use of the Clubhouse.
The policies below are supplemental to all of the
applicable residence life policies listed above.
In any instance of a house policy violation, the
Assistant Director of Student Life and the Director
of Residence Life have the authority to issue finan-
cial penalties to the Chapter and/or person(s)
responsible. If the Chapter and/or person(s) respon-
sible wish to appeal any decision made by the above
parties, they can do so by contacting the Associate