Page 45 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

Each suite has a common room, a common bath-
room, a common toilet, as well as climate control.
The hallways and bedrooms are carpeted. Each bed-
room contains a low loft bed that will cover a three-
drawer chest and bookshelves, one desk, and a
wardrobe unit with a drawer in the bottom. An ele-
vator provides service to all floors. There is a laundry
room located on the first floor with an ice machine.
Hilltop Village Apartments: The Hilltop Village
Apartment complex consists of 16 buildings housing
approximately 350 students. Each apartment has
stainless steel appliances and washer and dryer
units. Each room is furnished with a bed, three-
drawer chest, desk, and desk chair. Hilltop Village
offers a clubhouse with an entertainment room,
meeting space, and a pool.
Margaret Daniel Residence Hall and Cullen
Daniel Residence Hall are four-story residence halls
which hold 116 female residents and 112 female
residents, respectively. Each room has 2 beds, 2
desks, bookshelves, 2 chairs, 2 dressers, and venet-
ian blinds. There is a lounge and community bath on
each floor.
New Men’s Residence Hall is a seven-story resi-
dence hall with a capacity for 220 male residents. All
of the rooms in New Men’s are located along the
perimeter of the building with a large common area
in the center of each floor. Each room has stationary
furniture which includes: 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 chairs, 2
dressers, 2 dresser mirrors, 2 storage drawers under
the beds, one storage bin over the bed, and venetian
blinds. There is a community bath on each floor.
Lakeview North and South Residence Halls fea-
ture 4 and 5 private bedroom suites. Each suite con-
sists of a common area, two restrooms, and a kitch-
enette with a full size refrigerator and sink. Lake-
view South features a study room on the 1st, 3rd,
and 4th floor, as well as a social gathering area on
the 3rd floor and full size kitchen on the 4th floor.
North Lakeview features two study rooms on the 1st
floor, as well as a social gathering area on the 3rd
floor and a full size kitchen on the 4th floor. Both
buildings have common laundry areas on the 1st
floor. The main entrance to both buildings is on the
nd level, with exterior access on both the 1st and
nd levels of each building. Both buildings allow for
elevator access to all levels. Bedroom and common
furniture is provided. The following rooms have built
in closets, while most rooms feature movable
wardrobes: 1A4, 2F1, 2A4, 3K5, 3G1, 3F1, 3A4,
K5, 4G1, 4F1, 4A4Common Areas: These areas
are located throughout the residence halls and areas
for the use of all students. Lounge furnishings may
not be taken to individual rooms. Violators will be
Laundry Facilities: Coin-free washing machines
and dryers are located in each laundry facility. Iron-
ing is permitted in the laundry rooms only.
Custodial Service:
Housekeepers care for the
baths, corridors, stairways, lobbies, television rooms
and recreational rooms. Care of the individual rooms
is the responsibility of the residents.
Computer Network Access:
Each residence hall
is equipped with a high-speed network connection
provided by Apogee Telecom. All residents are pro-
vided with a 1.5Mb connection, which can be
upgraded to a 3.0Mb connection for an additional
charge. Requirements for the connection are: a com-
puter with a network card, an ethernet cable, anti-
virus software and a login and password. Contact
Apogee toll free at (866) 478-8881 for more details.
The College provides all students with a free copy of
anti-virus software while attending. Incoming fresh-
men also receive an ethernet cable while enrolled.
Telecommunication Services:
Telephone land-
line service to all residence hall rooms operate on an
opt-in system. Residents with a desire to have land-
line telephone service may request activation of their
phone line by calling the helpdesk at 226-3033. It is
suggested students provide their own answering
machine devices. Telephone landline service is
unavailable in Lakeview North and South Residence
Halls. Long distance service is accessed using calling
cards or debit cards supplied by the student's chosen
service provider. Instructions regarding use and
guidelines for telephone services are available on the
BSC Intranet.
Cable Television:
All students are provided basic
cable television service. The cost of this service is
included in the room rent.
Bedroom Occupancy
One bedroom apartments will accommo-
date two residents, unless a resident has
arranged for a private room.
Two bedroom apartments will accommo-
date three residents, unless the residents
have arranged for a private room in which
case two people will reside in the apart-
Private rooms are not guaranteed. At any
point during the year, residents may be
required to fill vacancies within their apart-