Page 44 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

currently without roommates. During this time peri-
od students are responsible for finding their own
roommates. The Office of Residence Life provides a
list of possible roommates for the residents and will
assist in the process if a request is made. All stu-
dents who are without roommates must consolidate
or pay for a private room.
If a student does not choose a roommate by the
end of the consolidation period, he/she will automat-
ically be billed for a private room. When a decision
is made concerning a roommate choice, the student
must notify the Office of Residence Life. At that
time the student will receive a Room Change Autho-
rization Form. Room changes cannot be made with-
out this form.
Change of Rate of Occupancy:
If, two weeks
after the start of term, one student is occupying dou-
ble accommodations, he or she will automatically be
charged a private room rate for the term. This
amount is 50% more than the semiprivate rate in the
residence halls. A student wishing to avoid this
charge must inform the Director of Residence Life
that he or she wants reassignment.
Changes in the Terms and Conditions:
Changes may be recommended by the occupants in
any residence hall or section thereof, the Student
Government Association, resident staff, or both, so
long as such changes are not contradictory to estab-
lished College policy, have the approval of the Direc-
tor of Residence Life, and are published so that due
notice is provided. When approved by the Director
of Residence Life, they will be considered to be Col-
lege Policy.
The College Reserves the Right to: make other
rules as it deems necessary for the protection and
for the safety, health, comfort, and convenience of
all residents.
The College reserves the right to:
Change assignment or rate;
Enter a student’s room to perform routine inspec-
tions (with notice), repairs, or housekeeping dur-
ing reasonable hours or at any time in the event
of emergency;
Confiscate items which are a violation of the
Housing Contract, the policies and procedures of
the College, the Student Code of Rights and
Responsibilities, or civil law, that are in plain
view in a student’s room, when that room has
been entered as specified in the following section
titled room search procedures; A student may be
charged and/or fined for violations of the above
mentioned agreement, policies and procedures,
Code or civil law, when that violation has been
determined within the guidelines of the Room
Search Policy;
Conduct investigations of rooms not involved in
routine inspection at any time with a warrant for
entry issued by an official of the College and
served in compliance with the room search pro-
cedures outlined below;
Allow a College official to enter or follow a stu-
dent into his or her room if the official actually
observes or hears what he or she reasonably
believes to be a violation of the above mentioned
Code or civil law or of this Agreement;
Conduct fire drills by the residence hall staff dur-
ing the course of the year. The College reserves
the right to conduct a fire drill at any hour it
deems necessary. Any student who refuses to
cooperate with the Residence Life Staff in the
course of a fire drill will be subject to the pro-
ceedings of the Social Council as deemed appro-
priate by the Office of Residence Life. Any stu-
dent who refuses to leave the residence hall dur-
ing the course of a fire drill may be subject to
expulsion from the residence hall.
Bruno Residence Hall
is a seven-story female
residence hall with a capacity of 200. There are four
single rooms per suite and eight suites per floor. The
rooms have 1 bed, 1 dresser, 1 desk, 1 chair, and 1
wardrobe. Each suite has a lounge area and a bath-
room. Bruno is Option 24.
Hanson Hall
is a two-story co-ed residence hall
with a capacity for 150 residents. Facing the acade-
mic quad, double occupancy rooms in Hanson are
large and have moveable furniture. Each pair of
rooms shares a bathroom with shower, toilet, and
double vanity/sinks. The main part of Hanson is
occupied by upperclassmen and is Option 24. The
Annex of Hanson houses first year male and female
Honors program students. The visitation for these
residents will vary according to suite.
Bill and Lyndra Daniel Residence Hall
is a
four story, suite style co-ed residence hall with a
capacity for 67 residents. Renovated in 2002, Daniel
offers upper-class men a choice of either three or
four bedroom suites. Daniel is located on the resi-
dence hall quad in between New Men’s Residence
Hall and Hanson Residence Hall. Daniel Hall has an
entranceway on the second floor residence hall quad
side. It also has two entrances on the first floor, with
one near the New Men’s Loading Zone, and the
other near Hanson Hall.