Page 42 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

an academic year, the student must inform Resi-
dence Life by the deadlines set by that office. Stu-
dents will incur no financial penalty for canceling a
room reservation prior to the first set deadline. Fail-
ure to cancel a residential room reservation between
the first and final deadline will result in a $500
Late Check-In:
Through the first five days after
the term begins, a student who checks into the resi-
dence hall late will be charged for the full term. If it
is necessary to check in after the first five days, and
approval is secured from the Director of Residence
Life, room rent will be prorated. Advance notice
must be given to the Office of Residence Life in
cases of late registration to insure that the assigned
room will be reserved.
Room Deposit:
All resident students are
required to submit a $100.00 room deposit before
residence hall space will be assigned. Each resident
must have a full $100.00 deposit at the beginning of
each term. A request for refund of the housing
deposit when leaving the residence hall permanently
must be made with a mailing address listed. The
room deposit request must be made within six
months of the check-out date. Any student who
moves without proper notification and authorization
of proper housing officials, or fails to follow proper
check in/check-out procedures will forfeit the room
deposit. All fines or damage charges will be placed
on the student’s account in the Student Account’s
Total rental charges for rooms in
College accommodations are not refundable except
for withdrawal from College Housing within the first
two weeks of a term. After four weeks in residence
the entire room rent must be paid. The exception is
a medical or military withdrawal. In those cases,
room rental charges will be prorated from the date
of withdrawal.
Entering into a lease agreement with
an outside leaseholder does not release the student
from the financial obligation of his or her Housing
Agreement. A student who moves from the resi-
dence hall into an apartment without proper autho-
rization from the Director of Residence Life can be
charged room rent in full in the same manner as any
other resident student.
Permission to live off-campus can be requested
from the Director of Residence Life. To request per-
mission to live off-campus while still under 21 years
of age, or before one’s junior year, the student must
submit a letter of request from the student and a let-
ter of request from the student’s parents or
guardians. Marriage does not release the student
from the financial obligation of his or her Housing
Agreement. Release for serious matters such as
medical or military reasons may be considered by
the Director of Residence Life.
Fraternity/Sorority House Releases:
Fraternity/sorority members may sign up to live in
fraternity/ sorority houses at the time of the sched-
uled Housing Assignment process without consider-
ation of full occupancy of the residence halls.
Termination of the Housing Contract:
College reserves the right to terminate the Housing
Agreement for violation of the Terms and Condi-
tions of the Contract listed herein, or of The Col-
lege’s Policies and Procedures, or of the Student
Code of Rights and Responsibilities, or of civil law,
or for health or social reasons, or, when in the judg-
ment of the College, such termination is deemed
All room keys are the property of the Col-
lege. A student may not have duplicate keys or lend
keys to persons who are not BSC students. Lost
keys must be immediately reported. A $55.00
charge will be assessed for each lost key for resi-
dents in halls or sorority houses. A $100 charge will
be assessed for a lost key in fraternity houses and
the Hilltop Village Apartments. In addition, exces-
sive lockouts will receive appropriate action to
ensure students become responsible for their keys.
No more than three lock outs are allowed through-
out one semester without the implementation of
penalties, including fines.
Check-In Procedure:
During the summer pre-
ceding the term of housing, students must confirm
their housing assignments by electronically signing
their housing contracts and updating their emer-
gency contact information. At the beginning of the
academic year, students will be required to sign a
room inventory form that notes the condition of
their rooms/apartments before receiving a key.
Holiday Closing:
The residence halls close dur-
ing the December and Spring Breaks. During these
times students are required to check-out properly.
The correct check-out procedures are sent to all stu-
dents via their BSC e-mail accounts. Failure to fol-
low check-out procedures results in residence hall
fines. Residents of Hilltop Village do not check out
during the academic year.
The following tasks must be completed by each
resident prior to the December and Spring Break
holidays each year. The fine for not completing each
task is noted.
$10.00 Failure to unplug electrical appliances
$10.00 Failure to secure windows/doors