Page 41 - BSC Student Handbook 2012-2013

On-Campus housing units or other campus
facilities may be searched upon the authoriza-
tion of a written warrant. Warrants may be
issued from a Hall Advisor, Coordinator of
Residence Life, the Director of Residence
Life, Associate Vice President for Student
Development, the Vice President for Adminis-
tration, the Provost of the College, or the
President of the College. The warrant should
identify the area to be searched, the nature of
the material or matter being searched for, and
be served by two college officials, including an
administrator or designee of those listed
above and a Campus Police officer.
If the occupants of the room are not present
following a reasonable effort to affect personal
service of a warrant, the facility or room may
be searched providing that the issuing author-
ity or designee is present.
A College official shall be held free from any
liability for invasion of privacy, when, due to
reasonable suspicion of policy violations or
acting as a person of reasonable and prudent
caution, including cases of imminent danger,
he or she enters residence quarters for pur-
poses of protecting the welfare of the College
or the safety of its students and property.
The occupant(s) of the room may remain pre-
sent in the room during the search procedure
unless, as determined by the issuing authority,
the student hinders the efforts of the College
official(s) conducting the search.
NOTE: Searches of automobiles will follow the
same procedures listed above.
The College reserves the right to fine students for
non-compliance with the Housing Agreement and
campus policies. Below is a listing of possible fines.
This list is intended to be a guide for the Residence
Life Staff in assessing fines for violation of the
Housing Agreement. It does not preclude the right
of the institution to give greater or lesser fines for
violations or for violations not listed when it is
deemed appropriate.
of Fine
Per item for cafeteria items found in
Missing a mandatory Hall meeting
Quiet Hour Violation
Improper Room Change
Removing window screen
Possession or Use of prohibited appli-
ances/items as described in Handbook
confiscation on first offense)
$25.00 Possession of lounge furniture in an indi-
vidual room
Throwing objects from a residence hall
Use of incense and/or herbal cigarettes
inside residential building
$25.00 Use of nails and/or double sided sticky
Trash left outside of apartments
Animal/pet in or outside of a residence
Candles and Flammable Liquids
Violation of Sign Posting Policy
Smoking within fifty feet of a residence
Smoking in room/residence hall
Failure to cooperate with Residence Life
Replace lost key to residence hall or
sorority house
Tampering with or setting off a fire alarm
Possessing or discharging fireworks
Damage to College Property plus
replacement costs
Refusing to cooperate during a fire or
tornado drill or alarm.
Discharging a fire extinguisher, plus
replacement costs
Walking on a window ledge or being on
roof of residence hall
Possession of firearms, knives, projectile
devices (i.e., balloon launchers, pellet
guns, cross bows, etc.), explosive mate-
rials (in addition to confiscation)
$100.00 Painting a residence hall room
$100.00 Replace lost key for a fraternity house
$100.00 Replace lost key for Hilltop Village
Apartment (3 locks changed)
Replacement or repair of appliances
Hilltop Village Apartments)
The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to
charge students appropriate fines for other violations
not listed above. Any student has the right to appeal
any fine to the Director of Residence Life.
Cancellation Policy:
If cancellation of a residen-
tial room reservation is necessary before the start of